Panama Service Observations

When you get good service, you need to reward it. I seem to run into poor service more often than good service.

The event that brought on this current observation is poor communications from Multiservicios International De Chiriquí, my “getting ready to be” ex mail forwarding provider.

I received an email from my credit card company stating that they had sent out a new card and I had not activated it. I started checking my address change and noticed something.

Last November I posted this photo which was taped to a box in the office.
in this post.

Later Multiservicios International De Chiriquí (MIDC) sent out this email, which I posted in this post.

Dear Valued Customer:
As part of the move to our new facility the USPS has assigned PakYA a unique firm number that will help sort and process your shipments to us. This zip+4 is also used by all courier companies to sort packages. It is very important that going forward you use the zip+4 format when addressing your shipments.
Effective immediately our zip+4 code is: 33166-9155
Please note that we will move to our new location on February 1st 2015. Shipments scheduled for delivery as of this date should be address as follows:
[Your Account Name/Company Name]
7950 NW 77 ST, C4
[Your Account #]
Medley, FL 33166-9155

As you can see, they are close, but different.

Since MIDC always sent me an email, if I had mail at the office, my conclusion was that the address I used must be wrong. I used the one in the Email.

I called MIDC and told them who I was and that I had not received any mail since the address change went into affect and wanted to confirm the mailing address. I was given the one I posted on November 28, 2014. I was told they were close. Sometimes close isn’t close enough.

They said nothing about me having mail in the office.

Assuming my card had been lost, I called my credit card company and told them I had not received my card and requested them send a new one. I was informed that the request would require them changing the number on the card. That in turn requires me to go to some companies in David and change their automatic draw. All of this because Multiservicios International De Chiriquí were not careful with their instructions.

At least that is what I thought. Yesterday, I still had not received the new card and I decided that I better go and get information in person. I told the individual that I had not received any mail since the new address change went in. He looked and came back with a lot of mail. Two credit cards, the cancelled one and the new one. I asked why I had not been notified that I had mail. I was told he was new and didn’t know I wanted to be email. I had always received emails before. Why would I assume I need to continually tell them I need to be notified.

OK, that was another last straw. I stopped by the new AirBox Express in El Rey and found out they have changed since I last used them and no longer have an annual fee. I will make one more address change and no longer use MSDC. They lost my business because of carelessness and sloppy business practices. Airbox Express will cost me more, but it is more convenient.

I don’t blame the individual, but the company for sloppy business practices. That is what bad service does for you, it gives one reason to shop around.

Next observation. I purchased a security door from Ferro Arte Chiriqui. I love the door and they did excellent work in making it and installing it. Unfortunately, one windy day, the door slammed and the glass broke.

No problem. We went over to Ferro Arte and said we would like the door repaired and a preventive added that stop the door from slamming shut and would shut the door without human assistance.

“We will be over in three days” is what we were told. Over a period of weeks, I made multiple phone calls, and was always given a new date. After a month+, we went over to talk in person. A new date was set. No one showed up. Another call and an apology stating that there was no excuse and they would definitely be over in the evening. No one showed up.

Another trip to the shop and set another date. Finally the owner showed up, apologized again and completed the work. The work I have had done by Ferro Arte Chiriqui has always been excellent. However, it doesn’t take that much to pick up the phone and say ”We are running behind and need to reschedule”. Another case of excellent work and poor customer attention.

Next observation. We had KAMI install our garage door. A poor weld joint on the railing came loose and I had to use vice grips to hold it in place. I spent two months trying to get KAMI to come out and repair their poor welding.

After two more trips to the office, I finally had people come out and they did an excellent job of preparing the problem.

Next observation. We bought a top of the line Samsung refrigerator from PanaFoto. Within the warranty period a problem came up.

ACOSTA is the authorized service company for this Samsung Product. Lilliam called and talked to the company and they asked for a copy of the purchase receipt to be sent to the, I emailed it in 15 minutes.

They were supposed to set a date after receiving the receipt. This started a couple week exchange of phone calls between Lilliam and their office. Each time they asked for the receipt and each time they were told they had it.

Eventually they did come and fixed 90% of the problem. Calling any more is a waste of time as the warranty has run out.

Let me end on a positive note. I have been using Multiservicios Diaz for several years to service my lawn equipment. It is a small shop with very friendly people. I have had several occasions to use them and each time they were courteous and the service was reasonably priced. Here is a google map.


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8 thoughts on “Panama Service Observations

  1. Hola Don,
    the only success I have had in Panama is by dealing directly with the owner. No one at the business has any real power to make decisions or get things done. The worker bees at the business will do almost anything to make it right if they believe you will contact the owner with a problem.

    Like you, once the problem is being handled, the ones doing the actual work are great. Getting them on the job has always been the sticking point.

    I have also had the best luck with dealing with the smaller shops when possible. They are usually run by the owner or the owner is at least accessible for problems. It does require some knowledge of the language but I enjoy the learning experience.

  2. I was wondering if Multiservicios is under new management or ownership because I have not received email notifications either, resulting in receiving Christmas cards months late and awaiting word on a package that had arrived and was just sitting on the shelf. I have provided my email address multiple times. Something has changed.

  3. For those that have not been here very long, there are a couple of tips to remember:
    T.I.P. # 1 This-Is-Panama, ,,,a different planet
    #2 Biggest myth in this planet: “I WILL CALL YOU”

  4. good afternoon, can you tell me if you know anyone in david or boquete who sells solar panels?.

  5. I think I have seen a sign on Francisco Clark (Street behind the Super Baru super market. I don’t remember where, but it was before the street corner for the bus terminal.

    Seems like the Premier Store has had some solar equipment too, but maybe I saw it in their handouts.

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