Follow Up on Premier Smart TV Box

I have had a couple people ask me how my experience with the Premier Smart TV Box was going.

I decided to answer the questions here.

To the best of my knowledge, the only places in Chiriqui to get one of these types of devices are Premier ($49), Multimax (Has an android smart TV on a stick – $69) and Smart home Security ($249).

I haven’t read many good things about the Android on a stick. Most of my research was reading the comments on the devices in Amazon.

Basically they are all about the same. I was in Premier the other day and noticed that they have raised their price to $49. When I bought mine it was $39.

The main features to compare are the amount of memory and storage and the processor. Mine is a dual core processor with 1GB of memory and 4GB of storage.

I can’t tell what Smart Home Security’s box has. It may be similar to mine or may be like this one in Amazon with a cam.

I do see theirs has a cam, but I have no use for that. I ordered THIS for my daughter to test of me. It cost me $48.

Again, similar to the one I bought at Premier, except with more memory, storage, later OS and quad core processor.

I have seen no speed problems with my Premier Box, but am sure a quad core box would be faster.

I had mentioned in my previous writeup that some configuration was necessary. I will tell you that my daughter set hers up with minimal help from me in 10 minutes. She has been using it almost a week and loves it.

Most Android boxes/sticks come with XBMC/KODI installed. That is the media player that you will use to play your media.

If you want to try it out on your PC prior to investing money in another device, watch the following video.

While the video is for a Windows PC, you would just need to select Mac or Linux or whatever OS you are going to install it on.

Once XBMC/KODI is installed and started, the rest of the video applies to all devices. It will show you how to install Fusion and configure it. The only unique part is selecting the type of OS in the Config Wizard (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc) Like I said, my daughter did it in 10 minutes.

The video gives a short demo of using XBMC/KODI forward the end of the video.

A question was asked if the Android TV Box was legal. XBMC/KODI is completely legal as well as all add-ons provided by KODI.TV.

KODI.TV takes no responsibility for any 3rd party add ons, such as those in TVADDONS.

That being said, the legal aspect is a living entity and as of today, watching streaming media is not in itself illegal. Hosting media or having media on your device would be illegal except as authorized by the copyright of such media. Some legal aspects may be country specific.

If you want to know if XBMC/KODI is of any benefit to you, it is easy to try on your PC. That will show you if your Internet speed is fast enough to watch anything without constant buffering.

If it is of benefit, then you can consider one of the devices that will connect to your TV.

One more qualification on the Premier box and the one I bought for my daughter. We have only used them with the HDMI connections. Everything worked perfect even surround sound and HD.

6 thoughts on “Follow Up on Premier Smart TV Box

  1. So, do I read you correctly? If I have an HDMI connection on my Flat screen, I can just plug the Premier device in and then configure it from there? Where is the Premier store in David? I will be there in couple of weeks and just might buy and try that device.
    Now we are using Apple TV/Netflix with our Witopia Router direct connected to the Apple TV via Ethernet. My esposa talked to Netflix support the other day, because sometimes we get a different screen with our Netflix and then it will go away and something we were watching is no longer available. Netflix support blamed it on Apple, of course, said it was that they were not keeping the Apple TV updated with the latest Netflix software.

  2. I have USTV, netflix, and Amazon Prime on my laptop and sent to my TV with an HDMI cable. I am using Unlocator to show me in the US. Would this Smart TV box be any advantage to what I am using now.

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