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Sometimes I make mistakes and when I do, I try to correct them. I get very unhappy when people try to use the my blog to promote things I later find out may be unethical.

Today, I received the following email, related to a previous post on the Chiriqui Activity Club. Had I done more research I would not have posted it. However since I did, I will post a portion of this email which raises concerns.

I will admit, I had some concern about the Chiriqui Activity Club when I read the area in the site about fees to join. I thought that fees could be a red flag, but I ignored my intuition.

Normally, I might just remove the post after reading this email, however, if they want publicity, then I will just let the post stand with the disclosure that you should be careful how you trust anyone that is asking for money.

Anyone with positive comments and experiences is of course welcome to comment.

Following is what I received today that was more than a red flag:


Beware of Karen Walter motivates with the Chirqui Activity Club.  She has stolen money from her customers who paid for a tour

This was posted by me on
This is my 4th year of doing Panama Relocation Tours.   These are 6-7 day tours all over Panama aimed at showing people what life is like living in Panama and how to relocate here legally and with the least amount of hassles.

You can see my web site at with many testimonials from statisfied customers and many photos from the tours.

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc is a Panama company and a Texas corporation too.

I also have a trademark registered and a book by the same name copyrighted and the content of my web site, including the name is copyrighted.

Richard Detrich often joins me on the tours too and has written about them on his blog at

Bob Adams of usually meets with the group and my tour company is the only one he endorses because he knows I deliver what I promise and we do not sell real estate or have any other financial arrangement with the places we go during the tour or the people we meet with the tour.

Last October 2013, Karen Walter from Arizona started advertising Panama Relocation Tours on her web site and her marketing partners Randy Hilarski and Michael Drouillard are also advertising for her on their web sites, facebook pages, pinterest, youtube,  google+ etc.

They have even used my testimonial videos on their web site and my photos on their web sites.

I have contacted them many times telling them to stop.  But they did not, so I have my attorney in Panama and in the USA send them a Cease and Desist.  Yet they presist.

Last week I got a call from two couples demanding a refund for the tour they never got. I had never heard of the people before. They did not sign up for MY tour.  Karen took their money, did not deliver a tour, then refused to refund any money.
Panama Escape Artist told me about another couple who had the same problem.

Today, I learned that a couple came in to Explora Ya complaining that they signed up for Panama Relocation Tours but a week before the tour were told that the tour was postponed because not enough people signed up.  Since they already had their airplane tickets, they came to Panama on their own anyway.  They also paid for a tour they did not receive and never got a refund.

Needless to say this was NOT MY tour!
There is no telling how many people have been affected. I need to stop them before more people are hurt.

Recently, she was at Las Lajas Beach Resort telling the owner she has a new bus for her tour business.  She showed a photo of MY new bus.

5 thoughts on “Do Your Homework!

  1. Don as a Police Officer I can understand the persons frustration at milking their business for criminal activities- may I request that they get ahold of me here in Texas – I can walk them thru the step by step process to protect themselves, the people who were ripped off wioll need to provide statements and if everything checks out we MAY (key word may) be able to persuade an Arizona DA to issue a warrant for theft/ fraud- when we get that we can notify Panama Immigration to deny them access to Panama as pending Felons pending prosecution- not a hard stretch by any means- the amount of the money that was ripped off is critical as is the credibility of all complainants. my local number is 254-290-0978
    Detective LaCroix/ Texas

  2. Have you verified all the info posted by whomever that is from the other tour business? Right now it sounds like he said, she said and there are two sides to every story. And, I don’t think the $10 membership fee is going to break any of us or make anyone in the club very rich.

  3. $10 certainly doesn’t encourage Panamanians to join. She can despite it if she wants. If it is like the other, then there are plans to make money off the planned trips. If you want to join, join and write up your experience. I personally would only pay my expenses for trips, not for someone to else to do it. It also said it was to offset the website, which is free.

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