LOOTING in Cerro Punta

The following was posted on the Volcan Yahoo Group.

We have had another issue in Las Nubes, a break in and theft. The police responded (from Volcan!, not Cerro Punta) at 11 pm to a call from our (unidentified) neighbors. When the cops got there, two men fled into the jungle and were not caught. Shots were fired (by the police). They arrested two females sitting in a car. (The females, from the Volcan/Paso Ancho area) said they had nothing to do with the men and because there was no evidence in the car, they were released from jail. Anyway, it took a couple of nights to steal what they did. And a truck. They took the front French doors, the exterior bedroom door, the bathtub, the shower doors, the two sinks from the master bedroom the white ones that sit on the counter. The police recovered several bags of stuff they were trying to steal that night. They were recovered and Yessica has them. They will probably not be back as they now know that the house is being watched. But please keep your eyes and ears open about our stuff being for sale .
Bob and Chris are out of the county.Their house was partly destroyed in the August 2014, Las Nubes flood. Everything except the fixtures had been removed.

The open doorways have now been boarded up.

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