10 thoughts on “Knock, Knock. Anyone awake in Cable Onda

  1. Welcome to my world….ours is intermittent at best here in Pocri. We’ve been deducting about 20% from our bill for poor service. So far no complaints…..

  2. The tech supervisor was here Monday. He stopped by Tuesday unannounced to say he was sending a guy to replace the 2 year old splitter that was probably corroded. That didn’t happen! We had been told by 2 previous techs that they had put in a new new splitters, so someone is lying through their teeth. We’ve been told twice they were going to upgrade the line down our street as others in our Terronal neighborhood are also complaining.

    Today I went to the CO office and spoke with the Supervisor there. I explained as nicely as I could that we have had terrible service for the past 2 years. He pulled up our account and could see all the issues there. I told him that was only about 1/2 of the times we “tried” to call and complain and were put on terminal hold, eating up cell phone minutes and would just give hope of anyone every answering the phone. We’ve been saving screen shots to a folder and lately sending them to the email address the supervisor asked us to send them to.

    At the office the supervisor made a call and supposedly the same technician supervisor and his Manager are going to come out here today. We shall see. I’ve been lied to so many times it’s not funny. I explained to him today that they either FIX this or I’m going elsewhere. I’ve been patient for 2 years and that hasn’t gotten me anywhere. I feel robbed every time I get the bill and didn’t have adequate service for even 1/2 the month. I can get bad service anywhere and I’ll be taking other customers with me.

  3. It might be only me but I’ve only experienced the low speed issue between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m. and as such cannot watch subscribed applications such a MLB.TV and Netflix between those hours.

  4. I keep following similar postings and I admit we are lucky here in the Coronado area as we have regularly 25 MB/s download without any interruptions. No complains for last two years.

  5. It was worse on the 16th. My old dial up system was faster, or well what do you expect from CO when you pay for 15 mgs and get less than one.

  6. Why don’t you just send partial payments??? Eventually they’ll get the message that you are only paying for what you get. We only pay about 3/4 of our bills and no complaints. I’ve told them b4 I’m only paying for what I get. If they cut me off, I have their equipment which is a dish and receivers which I expect is expensive. BTW, we have 5 dogs so no one is coming to get the equipment.

    Maybe we all should block the streets in front of their offices like the locals do for their water. Call TVN and get it on the news how the ISP’s and CO is ripping us off!!!! OWWW now that’s going to make change happen…. u know like back in obummer land….all talk and no action. well except for letting all the illegals in and trashing the Constitution.

    Have a great day folks.

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