3 thoughts on “Another Off Night For Cable Onda

  1. That’s good, mine was 0.50 so won’t be streaming USTVNow tonight AGAIN!

    The tech was out here AGAIN today to replace the modem. I told him I would like to see a brand new out of the box modem go in this time. lol So that’s what he put in. Not that it matters. He was really surprised to see the difference in the readings from same point to point on Internet Frog and OOKLA. The tech today is a supervisor and he gave us the email to send screen shots directly to him and asked that we send the ones we have for the past week and also the ones we get each day that are either “no service” or low service which is anything under 9 mbps.

    I don’t think they will ever get it right till they upgrade the cables on the lines like they keep saying they are going to do. I told him today that I’m really tired of being lied to about that.

  2. Had the same problem last night, couldn’t watch my MLB paid subscribtion. It was just horrible. Hope it’s better tonight.

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