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I received a notice that there is a benefit that is going to be held for a friend of mine in Boquete (Howard Hill), and I was asked if I would post the benefit.

I will add a personal note. I have known Howard for several years. I met him because of an Embassy case I was called to support. The case was a difficult case and without Howard’s help, the individual’s situation would not have ended well.

I have known Howard to be a giver and not a taker and I am happy to call him my friend. He has been a real asset to both the Panamanian and the English speaking communities.

His situation is unfortunate and not of his own making. Without some help from his friends, Howard’s life will be cut short.

Following is the write up provided by the benefit organizers.

During working life, Howard Hill did a wide variety of things, including developing instructional media for a university system, and writing grants to bring federal money into children and family programs in western North Carolina.

His twelve years of retirement have largely been characterized by volunteerism. Howard was a founding member, and twice president of the Rotary Club of Boquete, wherein he was involved in numerous projects to improve school facilities and learning conditions in Boquete area schools, as well as school and water projects in Bocas del Toro province and the Comarca. He has variously been a donor and volunteer with many of the local civic organizations, providing free photography and sound systems, or just an extra hand, for the Handicap Foundation, Amigos de Boquete, Animales de Boquete, BCP, and the Boquete Biblioteca. However, due to catastrophic personal losses in 2007, Howard leads a very simple existence, and was left without means to afford health insurance.

Howard currently does not have health insurance and is suffering from a worsening case of congestive heart failure. He immediately requires various costly treatments and surgeries, and his life is on the line.

To reach our goal, your support is fundamental, and we greatly appreciate anything you can do for Howard.

Joanna Dodge, one of the organizers, has set up an INDIGOGO fund which may be contributed to via the Internet.

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  1. He is and that is one of the solutions he is considering. However, there are several financial obstacles, to overcome for that to be a possibility as well.

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