8 thoughts on “No NetFlix Tonight

  1. Nope, no USTVNow either!

    They continue to think it’s our equipment which is just NUTS! They will have a technician out here again tomorrow and will have one out here every day if that’s what it takes. Been dealing with this garbage for 2 years. I want what I’m paying for, no more and certainly not a whole lot less.

    They just don’t get it! Well, they do, they just don’t want to make the investment to make it right and they know they have you right where they want you because as bad as it is you really and truly don’t have anywhere else to go for the price.

  2. Patrick, I didn’t understand your comment.

    RKondivers – All I agree that if you get lost to a full MB you should be able to watch NF, however, my experience has shown if I am a long way from what is my contracted MB, everything is slow. Webpages load slower and all downloads are bad.

  3. Naturally the CO Tech is coming today and we now have 9.07 on OOKLA test (I NEVER have that good of service) and even on Internet Frog it’s 7.97

    But we have a folder of screenshots of the past week or so with speeds of under 1 mbps and also of NO SERVCE to show him when he says “oh, your service is great!”

  4. Well the Cable Onda tech did NOT come today. I receive a confirmation email from CO yesterday and again this morning confirming the tech would be here between 12:30 and 6:00 pm. At 5:38 the dispatcher from CO called saying that we have Internet so they are cancelling our appointment. HUH??? So we said, no, we need him to come and view the screenshots of the past two weeks to see the level of service we typically get. So then we see the tech drive right past our house at about 30mph not even looking, no call, not driving back around either.

    So after several phone calls, the last of which was for over 28 minutes and finally getting to a supervisor (a woman who yells over you while you are talking) and when you ask her to stop doing that she just hangs up on you. Been there done that before with her. I pay for 9 mbps of service and this past month have had that level of service for maybe a couple of hours on two occasions. That’s it!

    WE ARE LOOKING AT OTHER PROVIDERS NOW. SICK TO DEATH OF CO. I would rather have 5 mbps of ADSL with C&W than have another hateful conversation with CO.
    I’m DONE!

  5. Good luck with C&W.

    I will also tell you that I have had much better luck getting CO to listen by going to the main office in David in person. It is too easy to ignore a phone call. Everything I have gone to the office, I got attention.

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