Better Call Saul – No- Better Call Happy Pet


I have been watching “Better Call Saul” (The spinoff from Breaking Bad) and got confused. This situation definitely needed Happy Pet.

The other night Lilliam asked me to feel a spot on Koki’s belly. It felt like a piece of wire just piercing her skin from the inside. The spot wasn’t red and didn’t look irritated, but what ever this was shouldn’t be there. Very strange. Of course Lilliam’s I can fix anything state of mind sent her running for her tweezers.

After a couple attempts giving gentle tugs, it was obvious this needed more professional attention.

Yesterday we took Koki to Happy Pet. Dra. Patricia said it looked like a staple was inside her and it would take an incision to remove it. Dra. Patricia asked Lilliam if Koki had been spayed. She had about 5 1/2 years ago.

We were told to come back in a couple hours.

When we returned after lunch, we talked to Dr. Sam. He said it appeared that this was there following her spaying at the free spaying clinic we had taken her to in David.

With the wire clip or what ever it was removed, Koki showed no ill effects. We got some antibiotic cream to put on the incision for the next 8 days. Koki acts like she never had anything wrong with her.

All is well that ends well.

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  1. I’ve never heard of any vet in Panama using stapes when spaying a dog. If it was Dr. Tello that did the spaying of your little girl at the David Clinic, I can guarantee he did not use staples.

  2. Whether it was a staple or a different type of wire, I can’t say. It was in the area of her operations and she has only had one operation. That is all I am certain of. The name of the doctor, I don’t know.

  3. HI Don: My 5 year old Rosie has the same wire extruding from her stomach, it appeared after her spraying in Boquete, It is not long, just a stuble and I always thought that it was a stitch so we never bothered with it. It’s good that you didn’t try by force to remove it, that could have been messy..

  4. The doctors at the Boquete, David, and Volcan clinics use three layers of stitches. An internal one is stainless steel, which is strong, non-reactive, and never has to be removed. And it is used for safety, so that it is impossible for the dog (or cat) to tear out the stitches and have their internal organs “fall out,” causing death.

    Sometimes they don’t cut the stainless steel “nub” quite close enough to the skin. It’s not a problem unless it bothers the owner. (It doesn’t bother the dog or cat.) If it bothers the owner, they can just drop by one of the clinics (Boquete, David, or Volcan) with the animal and the vet can quickly snip off the “nub” at no charge. From time to time, we have someone return with their pet to have the little nub snipped.

    The final (external) sutures are dissolveable.

    Since Happy Pets didn’t know what it was, that indicates that they do not use any stainless steel sutures. I’ve seen the results (deaths) of too many dogs in which stainless steel sutures were not used. I certainly hope that Happy Pets merely snipped off the nub instead of surgically removing the sutures. If so, your poor dog was subjected to an absolutely unnecessary surgery. If it was merely snipped at skin level, no antibiotics or any other kind of treatment would be needed.

  5. I didn’t say Happy Pet didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know what it was and had it been done done correctly, I would not have had to go to Happy Pet.

    Having to return to one of the infrequent clinics to have an ill performed surgery repaired is ridiculous.

    My dog is fine and her session with Happy Pet was trivial. I applaud all you do but I dislike your maligning all vets other than yours.

  6. Don, if the spaying at one of the spay/neuter clinics, it was not “ill performed.” If a little little millimeter nub of stainless was left exposed, it didn’t bother your dog, only you.

    I have not “maligned” all vets other than “mine.” It’s just that I’ve had my own horror stories with other vets, and with the ones with which I haven’t had personal experience, I’ve personally heard horror stories about the others. And the lives and/or /limbs of numerous dogs have been saved by Dr. Tello at our clinics after they’ve been butchered by other vets.

    Best of luck with Happy Pet.

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