Cable Onda Out This Morning

Cable Onda went out this morning (Cable TV, Telephone, and Internet). All were functioning when I got up, but went out about 7:00 AM. My backup is always my cell and luckily it is rare for both providers to be out at the same time.

Not a good time for those working via the Internet in Panama or those wanting to make VOIP calls to the U.S.

This is not as serious an outage as not having electricity or water and my outages of those services are usually no more than four times a year.

It is a beautiful day outside. The sun is bright. The birds are singing. A few dogs are barking and pretty much , all is right with the world.

Lilliam thinks it is good for me to take a break from TV and the Internet now and then anyway.

We have plans to eat lunch with a good friend today, so I am confident it is going to be a great day (with or without Internet and TV).

TV returned after an hour and a half. Internet returned ten minutes later. A friend said her service had been going on and off all morning, so there must be work going on are someone has been stealing cable.

6 thoughts on “Cable Onda Out This Morning

  1. We’ve been having the same problems here in Las Tablas area as well. Our Sat TV went down to till we rebooted the system. Our electric goes off maybe 4-5 times a day, sometimes for as little as a few minutes to as much as 8-10 hours. Why do we keep paying for terrible service……oh thats right we don’t have a choice as the govt doesn’t support the citizens……just like back in the USSA. corruption always pays off for those in power. We are going to submit an invoice for the cost of diesel for our 45KV generator. That uses about 80 gallons every 2-3 months depending on how long the power from the asshat edement is down. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

  2. Sitting here in Southwest Florida enjoying Internet in and outside. No absecence of water or electric.
    Cheaper food prices and better quality of life here now. when I retired and move to Panama 10 years ago, it made sense. Now, not really, I will die here defending our constitution against liberal progressives!

  3. Otis, Thanks for the remarks. My comments are that, I have been visiting back to Florida the last two years now. I noticed that, despite all the talk of rising prices which I am sure that there is, that groceries, at least major brands, are 40% cheaper, on average, than the same in Panama! I guess if you shop at Aldi’s or Save-A-Lot, then you can save even more as many of their private label brands, which you can find also down here at much higher prices, are cheaper.

    For my family, this offsets some of the advantages thought to be here.

    I no longer think that it is a great deal cheaper to live in Panama than the United States except for the healthcare costs.

    I qualified for Medicare Part B, and tried to see a doctor in Florida and was told, several times, that no doctor was taking new patients. I asked around and was told that Medicare only pays about 20% of the medical costs and is a big disincentive to accept older patients. Humph! I was also told to get supplemental insurance to help the doctors to accept me. Hmmm, I paid a lot of money into the S.S. System and am disappointed that it is not working out for me in this respect.

    I understand that if most everyone had contributed their S.S. contributions to a private fund based on a Dow 500 return, that they would be a millionaire. I guess that Social Security is becoming an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

    Thanks again.

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