8 thoughts on “Maybe It Is The Time Of Day

  1. Slow .49 mbps when it’s up at all. Keeps going down yesterday and today. Grrrr.
    I’m considering asking for some kind of compensation for all the time we don’t have Internet or it’s so slow we can’t stream video.

  2. Is it raining in David; would that cause the slow speed??? Just curious as we’re moving to Boquete this summer and we’ve seen how often you post about the slooooo speeds…. 🙁

  3. It is not raining and I do not use a Wireless ISP, so the rain would not affect my speed. I also notice that I have a few channels missing on my cable, so the problem may be larger than just Internet.

    I should point out that the primary reason for posting my speed problems is so that people don’t have any false impression of equal Internet to the U.S.

  4. Here too….in Las Tablas. Unfortunately my ISP uses Cable Onde as their ISP. We live in the middle of nowhere and only have wireless feed from a tower on Ganajuaga, to a dish at my casa. I pay for 3mrgs and am lucky to get 1meg on a good day. As far as we can tell after living here for 10+ years…you can only get fast ISP service in the main cities. Anywhere else SUCKS !!!! good luck….

  5. Here in El Palmar all seems to be excelente. Best speed I have seen since the longest time. Good luck guys.

  6. Here at the beaches (Coronado area) no problems like that. We have steady 25 MB/s and we do leave quite far away from bigger town (next to San Carlos).

  7. Hi Don: Last night my Roku 3 stopped in the middle of a movie and I wasn’t able to get any other movies from Netflex. I switched to my Apple TV 2 and was able to finish watching the movie I had been watching on my Roku 3 and other movies.
    I am currently unable to get cable Onda channels 3, 8, 35 and a few others 99% of the time. Cable Onda has deteriorated.

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