How Is Panama Stacking up In Internet Speeds

Panama ranked # 110 and was higher than Costa Rica.

Global Internet Speeds

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Until the upload speeds increase in Panama, cloud services won’t really be of much use. I convinced myself of that when I tried the IDrive backup service.

4 thoughts on “How Is Panama Stacking up In Internet Speeds

  1. Nothing like 14 meg in Bocas del Toro! We are thrilled when we actually see the 1 meg we pay for, the maximum available out here in the boondocks via MobilNet. More often we get readings like 346, 612, 520 – and that is KPS, ie kilobytes per second. So count your blessings if you are getting 14 MBS!

  2. We do leave near San Carlos on the beaches area (1.5 from Panama City). I was surprised when recently the internet download speed was upgraded by CableOnda from 15 MB/s to 25 MB/s. It feels practically as fast as 120 MB/s we have in Canada. So no problems here. But of course in the mountains or far away from Panama City you have way lower choice. But here we work on-line without any problems and for us is crucial and this is how we make money for living.

  3. I just want let everyone know that I am almost 73 yrs old and what I deal with — with jobs, was typing orders from my ear phone…….no computes…I don’t know what in the heck anyone is informing me of…I am glad I am old and getting out of this regime and not dealing with all these grocery bills and crap they are selling me. I worked for ALF’s with a pay of $85/week…(2 of them) and had to leave the first because of rats and cockroaches…..2nd was the best of the best but I had to leave for surgery….I guess everyone can get a laugh that my husband fractured his hip on 2/6 and yesterday, told me that he married a STUPID. Get a laugh out of all this, but, problems with insurance here in Panama and I guess I was/now/ and I wonder what he has in store for me tomorrow….Everyone have a nice day and deal with life….LOVE, STUPID. .

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