Unique Live-Work space available in David

I received a request to post the following.

Unique Live-Work space available in David. TITLED. Located less than 1/2 KM from airport entrance. On the main street, buses pass & stop in front all day. Concrete block building with poured concrete floor. Tall 14’ ceilings. Commercial space in front (approx. 950 S.F.), no columns, completely open/clear & Contemporary 2br residence in rear (approx. 700 S.F.) w/ private, landscaped yard. Fruit trees. Separate, independent entrances. Parking in front for 5-6 vehicles. Suitable for many purposes. Rent the front for income & live in the rear, run your business & live in the rear, storage, artist’s studio etc.

Newly remodeled & upgraded in the past 6 months including:

· Complete new all steel roof system w/skylights.
· 2 Complete new electrical systems with separate meters.
· All new windows with screens & security bars.
· New kitchen & bathroom.
· Wired for 2 central A/C units.
· All new interior doors.
· New lighting fixtures throughout.
· 5 new ceiling fans.
· Security lights.
· Security cameras with DVR recording 24/7.
· Gas hot water heater.
· Master bedroom is raised from rest of building.
· New steel security doors throughout building.
· Steel door separates front part of building from residence.
· Freshly painted in & out.
· Septic system pumped, cleaned & repaired.
· 100 lb. propane tank w/double regulator.
· Entire property has a concrete block wall around it with security wire.

Room to expand. 95% completed, needs some finishing but all the heavy work is done. Property has clear title, all papers in order & ready to transfer. Selling cheap! You could not find a property in this condition for anywhere near this price. $49.750. Serious buyers feel free to contact me with any questions. I will consider a partial trade for a TITLED lot or TITLED land. NO REALTORS OR AGENTS. Contact me at sonadordelcaribe@hotmail.com

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  1. Well certsinly i was in panama with her and that tv hsd just gotten to panama and she asked if they had it in dabid. They said no we only a a few styles in david. So we bought itvthete and they shipped it. Same with furniture even toys. I asked arrichas for a soevuf toy snd they said no, they only send some toys to david. So we had to buy them in panama. When we bought our washing machine same story. Panagoto only had a few models. So they said same to us we only get a few models in david. If you know a model no. Etc then you can ask for it. Nobody can tell me how to purchase in my country. David has a long way to go. Big stores from panama are coming little by little. You cant find same cloths here than in panama city. Tou dont know all the stores in panama. You always act as if you knew everything about panama and you dont. And most of your comments are to criticize everything. You measure everything according to your own personal experience here in david. David is not the country. Actually because it is far from the city it got behind for many years. Its been lately thst you see some growth and switching from a big town to a city. I remember when the bases were here many soldiers preferred to buy their eekectronics in panama city rather than the px in bases. Since mark and i eorked for the us embassy we could go to the piex. Few things were worth buying. And they didnt have a whe lot either. Ask mark about buying here in pansma city the bases the us and central america. Hell say psnama city.

  2. Noris, I am sure you intended this comment for the post on RIP TV, but since you chose to comment here, I will reply here.

    First, it will help other CC readers if you spend a little time and read your comment before hitting “Post Comment”. Your comment would have been more appropriate on RIP TV. I would also advise activating the spell checker in your browser. It will remove some of the challenge in understanding the point you are trying to make.

    If buying in Panama City is your thing, feel free. I would not spend the $100 (one way) airfare to get to PC and then all the taxi fares to run around the city. Nor would I spend the $12 bus fare and 8 hours on the road to go to Panama City to buy something.

    I have absolutely no need to do that. I have ordered PC products from YOYTEC in PC and had them sent to David by Fletes Chaveles. Good prices and far better to order over the web or by phone than flying to PC.

    I bought my washer/dryer in PanaFoto in David and it was delivered from PC, because the model I wanted was not in David. Yes, I had to research it over the Internet to find what models were available in Panama. The models I really wanted were only in the U.S. and many models are not available in Panama at all. However, I certainly would not order it in the U.S. and ship it here.

    Furniture City has catalogs of furniture they carry in Panama City that is not be in David. You do have to ask to see them.

    There is no question that there are more options and stores in Panama City. Whether it is worth a trip to PC to buy a product there, is another question.

    However, if you have specific stores that are in Panama City that others might not know about and if there are reasons they should be visited, then list them with your recommendations as to what one might find there. Without specifics, criticisms of my posts have little value other than a troll factor.

    I have seen many changes in David during the 12 years I have lived in Chiriquí. Plaza Terronal was not here when I moved here and therefore, none of the main technology stores. I know that there is no relationship to how it was during the time of U.S. bases being here and not sure it matters.

    I would never try to tell you how to buy in “YOUR COUNTRY”. Not sure why it is your country any more than it is in my country, but you must have had some reason for phrasing it that way.

    What I write in my blog is MY opinion based on the 12 years I have lived in Chiriquí. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do share the experiences I have as they arrive. There are too many sources on the Internet that paint Panama as a utopia and it is far from that. There is much to like here, but there are many things that I hope improve.

    Now, if you want to continue jousting on your experiences here vs. my experiences here, I only respectfully request that you try to give examples as to why you disagree. I have an open mind and may learn something. If you have an open mind you may learn something too.

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