Too Good Not To Post

I just received a call from my Uncle Horace, who is 98 years old and will be 99 on May 3rd. On March 6, he had a knee replaced. Today he told me that he is now scheduled to have the second knee replaced on May 22.

Prior to his operation he drove to his farm, which is about 20 some miles from where he lives, every day that he could. The only thing that kept him from going was if there was ice or snow on the road.

I told him today, I bet he was ready to get back in his pickup. He said he was more than ready. He said he would crawl into it, if he had to.

He had a colonoscopy a month ago and the doctor said all was fine and to come back in 3 years.

Today he was telling me some things that were going on in the area that he had just read in the newspaper.

I never talk to him but what I am amazed and inspired. He has filled the role of my father figure since my dad died a day before my 12th birthday. 

He told me he had just finished his morning therapy and before he went to the bathroom, he thought he would call me.

I told him I wasn’t sure that my name coming to mind when he was needing to go to the bathroom was a good thing. He laughed. 

3 thoughts on “Too Good Not To Post

  1. My mother died when I was 13, my father was murdered when I was 33, and my best friends were killed by a drunk driver when I was 38. the good news is that we all get to step off into the next journey when it becomes appropriate for us to escape this one. The really good news is that there’s always someone out there who can take us through the tough times, and be a friend, a confidant and a mentor. My grandfather was that guy, but he left a little early, too. I found a friend when I was 40 who spent the next 18 years being my closest person, and when he stepped off, I found myself almost strong enough to handle it all. Now, at 64, I have met yet another person who has become that one partner who loves me for who I am in spite of the fact that sometimes, I don’t agree with her. We just bought a boat, and hope to sail the Caribbean at 64 and 67. The dream only ends when you let it…

  2. Good for Uncle Horace! They grow them tough on the southern plains. You can take some measure of comfort that he didn’t think of you AFTER the bathroom trip. :-O

  3. Leave it to Jim to think of that! ;o) I think it’s wonderful to be so tough at that age and wish him many more years in the truck going to the farm.

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