Momentos in David

I have had several people tell me about Momentos in David. Last Tuesday, Lilliam, Natalie and I tried it for ourselves.

Coffee, cappuccino. burgers, breakfasts, pastries and more are all available there.

There is a small amount of seating inside, but a large amount of seating outside. I think the majority of their business must come in the evenings.

Lilliam and I had cappuccinos and I have to say, they set a new standard in cappuccino artwork. Very taste too.


Natalie went for a frappe.


Lilliam tried a tart and liked it.


I ordered a strawberry waffle and everyone liked it.


It looked like the breakfast and burgers were in the neighborhood of $6+. All prices were consistent with what we ordered.

Here is a Google Map to Momemtos, which is on the south side of the InterAmerican Highway.

If you stop in, tell them you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

2 thoughts on “Momentos in David

  1. Hey Don… Did they have Burgers? I so love a good burger. I have been hoping to try Ricks…but they don’t open until 4… i think.. and I am usually headed back up the hill. Thanks

  2. I saw burgers on the menu, but have not had one.

    Yes, I went by Ricks once and it didn’t open until late and I haven’t wanted to try it at night.

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