Missing Dog – Congo

UPDATE: As of March 15, Congo is still missing and suspected stolen for sale. He is possibly in David or other nearby areas. Original post was January 27, 2015.

I received a request to post the following:

Dear Ray,

Thank you for including Congo in your chatter

he is a rescue (mix labrador) from the island of St. Maarten and came with us to Boquete november 2013.
Very friendly with people and dogs

on Thursday Jan 15th, some tourists, staying with neighbors inside our gated community, let him out of the gate without any authorization
or feedback to us and did not bother with him anymore and left Congo for himself out on the street. He had never been outside the gate and
around downtown boquete so all area’s are strange to him.
He was wearing a yellow (faded) collar with his name and my home phone number written with a marker on it.

Handing out flyers and posting posters have been futile for now. There has not been one sighting around boquete area of Congo in these last 10 days.

It has come to my attention 5 days ago that a young couple found him that Thursday nite at the feria, bought themselves a leash and took him with them
to David.
Trying to put a puzzle together with names and phone numbers also has not brought Congo back home yet.
Of course al this is hear say but i trust the source to be reliable.

Today i went around the major supermarkets in David to put up flyers,

If you can please ask the people in David and surroundings to keep on the look-out for Congo, i would appreciate that immensely.
On the poster there is a reward promised for the finder of Congo.

Thank you very much

Bernie Verhoeven
phone 65 03 03 44

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  1. Thanks karen, congo lived in beaconhill with us before moving to panama, so so hope we will find him, his buddy is waiting for him at home

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