3 thoughts on “It Is That Time Of Year Again

  1. Have they finished rebuilding the highway from Santiago to David yet. We usually take the Sona road but that is a long drive and one you don;t want to do at night.

  2. Just because ticos write something about panama doesn{t mean they are right. They should worry about their volcanos. we only have one and we have seismoligist department. they have more volcanos to take care of. The first time mark took me to costa rica 15 years ago, there was a shake that i almost pissed in my pants. He had lived there for 5 years and told me not to worry because they get shakes very often. Most shakes we get here come from costa rica or burica, not baru.

    just tired of ticos and other countries minding our business instead of minding theirs.

    By the way, i take the opportunity to inform that i witnessed a situation where an american was physically assaulted by a belgian in david. The american got in the car and left, so he didn{t give the opportunity to offer help and guidance in case he wanted to file a complaint.

    Facts: i was entering a jewelry store located in edificio mery in front of momentos cafe, the owner of the building lives there. Her son in law, a belgian, just came to live in panama not more than 3 montths ago. Very aggresive person. cant control anger. The american did a bad parking job blocking the entrance to their house. The belgian waited for him. when he american showed up, the belgian approached him to complain and the american said something back. i could not hear what the american said, but the belgian started hitting him several times and the american tried to avoid him but he kept hitting him until the ameican got in the car and left, In the mean time I told the belgian to stop and warned him that i was calling the police and he didnt stop. in fact, i called the police but when they answered i accidentally pushed the wrong botton and hang up and finally the american was safe in his car and lleft.

    worst of all, those parking spaces are not theirs they belong to the municipio de david. i already went to municipio and asked. today i am sending them a formal letter,

    I am Tired of those foreigners who come here and think they own the country and they can do things that they would not do in their countries. Even, worse, the belgian guy is a former municipal inspector in belgium. He comes here and takes ownership of parking spaces that belong to municipio and starts beating people.

    The american fellow shouldn{t have blocked an entrance, but that doesnt give the belgian the right to hit a person. Things get better when we do what is right. They both did wrong. But the belgian was the worse.

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