One Year With Unlocator

On March 18, I will have completed my first year using Unlocator. I replaced my old VPN with Unlocator because it was more efficient.

Unlocator doesn’t have all of the functions of a VPN, but it is less taxing on the bandwidth and I found it better for my needs.

If you really want to hide your location or protect yourself from unsafe WiFi Hotspots, then a VPN is required. A VPN will encrypt all data between you and the VPN server. However, to provide that encryption requires more bandwidth, processing time and has some effect on performance.

Many people use VPNs to be able to access US websites, such as NetFlix or Hulu, etc. Unilocator performs the same function with less overhead.

I also had problems with my Gmail accounts when I used a VPN, Google monitored my IP address and if it moved around, them Google would shut down my Gmail until I entered my account via a browser. Very annoying.

Unlocator uses another methodology and my IP address remains a Panama address. This has also been a benefit with my Security Cameras.

My original post on Unlocator is HERE.

9 thoughts on “One Year With Unlocator

  1. I have used Unlocator since you helped me set it up and I love it. Being able to get Hulu makes the low cost so worthwhile to me. Thanks

  2. Here is a strange thing that has happened to me using Unlocator starting about Jan. Unlocator is installed on my router and when using my Roku 3 connected to my TV, Netflix which used to work fine, allowing all US programing, now only allows the Panama version. Amazon Prime and HuluPlus work like they always have. But Netflix does work allow US programing using Unlocator on my Macbook Pro. With all that being said, I like Unlocator and for $49.95 a year it is a good deal.

  3. Ron, had a similar problem. Here is what they sent me… please note we have a Netflix region changer, which allows you to switch between 19 Netflix regions. In order to change to a new region you need to log in to your account on our website here: . Once logged in go to “region settings” and select the desired region and click “update location”. You are probably set on Mexico.

  4. There is an App that allows automatic updating:

    Apps For Unlocator
    We have a public API, which allow 3rd party developers to create apps that integrate with our service. A lot of cool apps have been created for various platforms. Here is a selection.

    Keep in mind we don’t provide support for installation, usage or troubleshooting of these apps.

    Unlocator Updater
    This app is created by Marco Dalprato and works on OS X and Windows. Using the API key in your account home the application can automatically update the IP in your account. The app will update your IP in a given interval. Furthermore you can change your region directly from the app.

    Get the App Here

    Hope this helps,

  5. Thank you for this post. I’m also living abroad but not in Panama…however the same needs apply to get not only movie streaming but some of the PBS Kids, Disney, ESPN, etc streaming that all require a US location. I’ve been with WiTopia for 4 years now but with my renewal coming up this week have been trying out Unlocator. So far so good…the speed it definitely better!

  6. I had a problem with my netfilx. Foreign films only had spanish and portuguese subtitles.?! I chatted with netflix and they said Panama netflix doesn’t have English subtitles. However, titles not available in the us are available here. I also have watch TV anywhere! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to include panama. lol

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