Just Signed Up For Apple Care

I just added Apple Care to my Mac Book Pro. I am still within my first year, but outside of the support period for phone support.

With all the changes I expect to appear in the next IOS and OS X release with iCloud and the new Photos App, I am counting on needing Apple phone support. This may be the first time I have ever paid for an extended warranty on any product. At least I don’t remember any other times.

I must say that the Apple Phone support I have received on my Apple products has been outstanding. The support has either been immediate or they have set up an appointment for a specialist to call me.

I have used Dell support, HP support, and others, but I have found no comparison to Apple’s support.

Apple Care isn’t cheap and for this Mac Book Pro it runs $349. Only time will tell whether I feel that I receive value equal to money spent.

I needed to call Apple today because of a problem I was having with my contact list. It required a transfer to a senior specialist and she was able to sort out the problem in about 15 minutes. I can honestly say I would never have solved the problem no matter how long I Googled the problem.

9 thoughts on “Just Signed Up For Apple Care

  1. We are coming down next week and we have iPhone 6’s. Will they work? I hear you have to get a Panamanian SIM card, and you cannot change SIM cards in an iPhone. Any advice?

  2. You can change sim cards in the iPhone. I get a new sim card every time I go to the US and replace my Panama sim when I return to Panama. I don’t have the 6, but I don’t think that is changed. However, if it is locked to a US provider, then you will have to have the US provider unlock it to be able to use a Panama SIM.

  3. Which means that Verizon is happy to charge you a roaming charge. That is fine as long as you understand how big a hit it can be. It is also likely that you phone is locked to Verizon and you could not use a Panama sim.

    I should add that the costs to evaluate would be $5 for a sim. $15 for a months worth of data and maybe a $10 voice card. So if you aren’t going to have over $60 worth of extra charges, than it won’t be worth the hassle.

    You should also know the way Panama charges for cell usage. If a cell user calls another cell user, the originator of the cal pays for both parties charges. That is why many people in Panama call another person and then hang up, the the other person will return the call and pay for it.

  4. After you get home and get your bill, let us know how it went. Is that 100 International minutes?

    Another thing to consider is to just buy a cheap phone here for any Panama Calls. You can get some cheap phones for $15.

    If it were me, I would have a conversation with Verizon and say, this is the types of calls I intend on making. How can I estimate the effect on my bill.

    I have had people tell me they returned home to have a $300 extra charge on their bill.

  5. DON, that’s what I always do,yo compro un cellular de 35. Y una tarjeta de $5,para cargarlo, I have Verizon, and once I pay $800 in roaming charges,I was in shock.but I learned my lesson, and DON, I am not using a dictionary this time.

  6. Don, have you had any luck with Apple products (you bought in the US) that needed parts or service here in Panama? I am trying to understand if Apple might reimburse me for expenses at the Mstore in David?

  7. Have never tried to repair product under warranty. Only have a MacPro laptop that has about a year of Apple Care left. If you have an Apple Device in the warranty priod, Apple should honor it.

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