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Yesterday was Apple’s March announcement. I watched it as these events are usually fun and unmatched by Apple’s competitors.

The Apple Watch is available to order. Would I buy one? Maybe, but fortunately for me, my Apple 4S iPhone is not compatible with the new watch. While the cheapest version comes in at $349 and is the best of the current “smart” watches, it would not fill a need for me. Besides, the second version should benefit from lessons learned on version one.

Apple also did some upgrades on some of their laptops, basically the 13” MacBook Pro. These are necessary improvements, but nothing out of the ordinary.

There was a new 12” model that took the stage and how it will fair, remains to be seen. A 12” screen is a marginal amount of real estate and with the low end processors, it will not work for many people. If word processing and minimal number crunching is all that is required, it will be fine. It might be great for a student, as long as the student didn’t want to play games.

I think I would still go for a refurbed 13” Mac Book Air, for a light weight carry around.

What I felt was the biggest announcement, was a price drop of the Apple TV to $69. The price drop tells me that there is a high potential that there is a new Apple TV device in the works. The current generation is behind all of the competitors in processing power.

If I were a betting person, I would think that the next model will attack the gaming community as well as improving Internet access to programing. My bet is that the new device will be aimed at Christmas.

Still at $69, the current model is capable enough to make Roku and Amazon look at price reductions also. A new refurbed model is now $59.

One thing that didn’t get talked about is the next OS X and IOS releases. These releases will be bringing the new Photos App to the desktop and making more use of iCloud. I suspect that that this upgrade is still not ready for prime time. They did release an update to IOS, but this was primarily a bug fix with some more supporting features for Apple Watch.

So the good news is that no $ will be leaving this house for any of the new Apple announcements. The only possible exception is that my grandson is finishing his ‘PC for College” paper to tell me what he wants. However, he is currently a Window’s fan, so there may not be an Apple purchase this year.

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  1. I wear a watch and would be a candidate, but not yet.

    What I didn’t mention was their new support kits for developers. They announced a research kit to assist in disease research. It is even Open Source.

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