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If age is just an attitude, I could use an attitude adjustment.

Cutting the Cord

“Cutting the Cord” seems to be the topic many people are thinking about these days, especially in the U.S.. It refers to reducing the dependence on cable programming and moving to getting your entertainment and information off the Internet.

A revolution is underway and this year I believe it will begin to move at an accelerated rate. Apple recently made a major price reduction in its Apple TV to $69 from $99. The current rumor going around is that a new offering will be announced during the WWDC in June. It is speculated that its processor power and memory will be increased as well as its content ordering.

This will undoubtedly result in new offerings in the U.S. by cable companies as they see the Internet entities encroaching on their turf. Even Cable Onda has started to offer apps that allow you to see some of their programming on smart phones or tablets.

What does this revolution mean to those of us living in Panama. Well, it depends on the capability of your current Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you are connecting to the Internet with a WiFi dongle on you laptop then it may not mean much. However if you have a reliable 4MB download speed then the options start opening up. Continue reading Cutting the Cord

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Unique Live-Work space available in David

I received a request to post the following.

Unique Live-Work space available in David. TITLED. Located less than 1/2 KM from airport entrance. On the main street, buses pass & stop in front all day. Concrete block building with poured concrete floor. Tall 14’ ceilings. Commercial space in front (approx. 950 S.F.), no columns, completely open/clear & Contemporary 2br residence in rear (approx. 700 S.F.) w/ private, landscaped yard. Fruit trees. Separate, independent entrances. Parking in front for 5-6 vehicles. Suitable for many purposes. Rent the front for income & live in the rear, run your business & live in the rear, storage, artist’s studio etc.

Newly remodeled & upgraded in the past 6 months including:

· Complete new all steel roof system w/skylights.
· 2 Complete new electrical systems with separate meters.
· All new windows with screens & security bars.
· New kitchen & bathroom.
· Wired for 2 central A/C units.
· All new interior doors.
· New lighting fixtures throughout.
· 5 new ceiling fans.
· Security lights.
· Security cameras with DVR recording 24/7.
· Gas hot water heater.
· Master bedroom is raised from rest of building.
· New steel security doors throughout building.
· Steel door separates front part of building from residence.
· Freshly painted in & out.
· Septic system pumped, cleaned & repaired.
· 100 lb. propane tank w/double regulator.
· Entire property has a concrete block wall around it with security wire.

Room to expand. 95% completed, needs some finishing but all the heavy work is done. Property has clear title, all papers in order & ready to transfer. Selling cheap! You could not find a property in this condition for anywhere near this price. $49.750. Serious buyers feel free to contact me with any questions. I will consider a partial trade for a TITLED lot or TITLED land. NO REALTORS OR AGENTS. Contact me at

Trail mix is just an inconvenient way to eat M&M’s.


After ten long years, the first TV I purchased in Panama died. I think it went quietly in its sleep, because one morning it just didn’t respond anymore. RIP!

It was in the forth bedroom and was really a guest TV, so I decided to just move other TVs around and get a larger on for the living room. No sense buying new TV for a room that gets used a couple times a year.

It may be worth sharing my search and cautions for newcomers to Panama.

I have seen some people recommend buying new TVs in the states and shipping them here, the thought being that Panama is not as technology current as the U.S.

I don’t think that is a good idea. It is hard enough to get warranties honored on products purchased in Panama, and a TV bought in the U.S. is even more risky to get warranty work done in Panama. Continue reading RIP TV

Nothing says “I don’t take you seriously” like your dog wagging her tail when you are yelling at her.

Too Good Not To Post

I just received a call from my Uncle Horace, who is 98 years old and will be 99 on May 3rd. On March 6, he had a knee replaced. Today he told me that he is now scheduled to have the second knee replaced on May 22.

Prior to his operation he drove to his farm, which is about 20 some miles from where he lives, every day that he could. The only thing that kept him from going was if there was ice or snow on the road.

I told him today, I bet he was ready to get back in his pickup. He said he was more than ready. He said he would crawl into it, if he had to.

He had a colonoscopy a month ago and the doctor said all was fine and to come back in 3 years.

Today he was telling me some things that were going on in the area that he had just read in the newspaper.

I never talk to him but what I am amazed and inspired. He has filled the role of my father figure since my dad died a day before my 12th birthday. 

He told me he had just finished his morning therapy and before he went to the bathroom, he thought he would call me.

I told him I wasn’t sure that my name coming to mind when he was needing to go to the bathroom was a good thing. He laughed.