My Cable Onda Upgrade

A while back I had noticed that there was a new plan M offered by Cable Onda. I went to the CO office and requested it. I would have to give up a few channels that I didn’t watch, but I would increase my Internet speed from 5 to 6 Mbps. It also lowered my Cable Onda bill by close to $10 a month.

It was sort of a no brainer.

Today the CO technicians came out to swap out my modem.

It is now up and running. Yea!

6 thoughts on “My Cable Onda Upgrade

  1. That is correct. It still reduced my current bill by $10 a month. Actually I only pay once a month, and it is a hair less than $60/month (plus tax). Still a bargain for 183 channels, 6 Mpbs Internet, free WifI (which I don’t use) and telephone.

  2. No. I has the Silver plan and compared it to the Super Familiar Plan and only remember there was a few channels different. I think one was a cooking channel. The phone was only the basic, but we rarely use the land line phone.

  3. I am 72 and not into computers and do not understand what any of you talking about
    Don Ray — I am soo glad that you are in touch with people computer literate and I am sitting on the curb. My husband is 79 and told me to get rid of my computer. He never used it…..DUH…Love, Charlotte …

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