Charities Outside of Those in Bid 4 Boquete

This time of year, and throughout the year for that matter, I seem to get bombarded by emails, and other Internet notices, wanting donations for Bid 4 Boquete.

I have to tell you, I would be more excited if it were Bid 4 Chiriquí.

While I think B4B does good work, I think it is good for everyone to realize that there are many other deserving organizations, causes and individuals in Chiriquí, besides just those in Boquete.

I got turned off last year, when I was trying to find a hospital bed for Robert, who had a stroke in David. I contacted the Boquete Hospice organization, who had an available bed, and was told that they only supported people as far south as Dolega and I was outside the supported area.

Now since I knew they received their beds from Tom McCormack, I was kinda ticked. I would have thought they might say, if I provided the transportation they could loan me one, but they didn’t.

Luckily Tom supports all of Chiriquí and even has people coming in for prothesis help from outside of Panama. As it turned out, one of Tom’s beds became available and he delivered it. He has no boundaries on his benevolence.

Now if B4B offered the option of directing where the money went from an auction item I might buy, then I would consider purchasing some items. When I used to contribute to United Way, I specified exactly where I intended my money to go. However, since B4B doesn’t have that sort of option, I send my money where I can see the results of my contributions.

In case you are looking for other worthwhile organizations I will mention a few. If the names are in RED, then clicking on the name will take you to an area with more information.

Tom L. and Linda J. Foundation – I have known Tom for years and there is no individual that gives more to the people of Chiriquí.

Nutre Hogar – This organization helps malnourished children all over Panama. If you ever have a chance to visit the facility, you will see children that will tug at your heart strings.

Fundación AMIGOS del Niño con leucemia y cancer does a lot to assist children with cancer.

Churches – Our church, like many churches, has a program that supports young people’s needs for school. Lilliam and I contribute $60 a month to our church’s beca fund. They always have a special Sunday, at the end of the school year, where the children that received the beca money say “Thank You”. I enjoy seeing what fine young people I got to help.

Damas Rosada is a women’s organization that provides assistance for those in need and often are in the Women’s and Children Hospital (Hospital Obaldia).

Volcan Quilters (Las Hermanas de Acolchado de Volcan) This organization in Volcan has taught over 400 women how to sew and quilt and earn a living from their newly acquired skills.

There are so many needy individuals and organizations in Panama that it is impossible to mention them all. B4B has gotten to be so big, that maybe they will decide to expand their support and change the name to Bid 4 Chiriquí or at least provide the option of specifying where the donation should go.

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  1. If they are going to limit charitable activity to Boquete, it seems only reasonable to limit donations to Boquete. Since I don’t live in Boquete, I think I will practice my charity where I live.

  2. Very well said. While I do bid on some items, I understand that it is for a very limited scope of outreach. I will have to rethink my bidding based on what you have said. Connie and I head up Animal Advocates of Pedasi and other than the time we give our church, it is where we spend most of our time and charitable giving. We are a very small group, but so far we have raised over $5,000 in the past year. We have placed ads in the local newspaper concerning animal welfare, spay/neuter clinics, placed posters and more locally. We have our first spay/neuter clinic in Pedasi coming up on April 13th, Spay Panama is bring their vets and equipment. We have pledged to cover the costs at $25 per animal and will advertise for the clinic from the tip of the Azuero to Las Tablas. We hope to do more than 100 animals for this very spread out geographically area. Check us out at “Animal Advocates of Pedasi” on Facebook.

  3. Your comments are dead on, Don. If B4B is going to confine their contributions to the Boquete area, it makes sense to limit their solicitations to the same area. I try to support local efforts as I am able.

  4. In all fairness. Penny Barrett, who is the main organizer of B4B, works her butt off every year and all year long to gather donations and volunteers to make B4B so successful. Many many volunteers are involved and donate much of their time to help those in need in the community they live in. There is no reason why those in David or Volcan or any other Chiriqui community who wish to put their energy into raising money for their or any other community to do so. We should expect nothing from Boquete. If you choose to donate to B4B, then you are making a choice to help someone in need.

    Boquete Hospice recently offered their free once a year training to anyone who wished to be part of hospice care. They were generous to allow me to be trained, even though they knew I might not be using these skills in Boquete. There was also a participant from Volcan. They were pleased that we might be able to help someone where we live. I hope in the future to find others who are interested in this very needed and humane cause.

  5. Joyce, as I said, I think B4B does good work.

    There are many other organizations that do help folks in their area outside of Boquete. I listed several.

    I still think B4B has gotten large enough that they can learn from United Way and let the person making a donation aim their money where they want it to go.

  6. Don,

    You make a great point about being able to direct your donations rather than letting B4B or some group decide where best to apply your donation. While I acknowledge that Bid 4 Boquete has helped some charity organizations, the decision process on how much each charity group receives is unclear. It would seem a simple matter to give those donating to B4B a choice of which charity should receive their donation. Due to the lack of transparency of where your specific donation is applied, I will always donate directly to the specific charity of my choice rather than have it lost in some larger organization. I find that when it comes to giving… giving directly to those you want to help is always better than throwing it into a pot and hoping someone else gives your donation to the people you want to help.

  7. I agree totally with you, Don! We don’t donate to BFB because we just don’t know where the money is going. When we can “physically” hand our donations over to a certain organization, we know where it’s going every time, we feel pleased.

  8. David is a much bigger city, with bigger needs than Boquete. If we tried to take on all of Chiriqui, our organizations would be swamped. Why not try to get people organzied in David to fill those needs?

  9. I had a recent experience with Boquete Hospice. They were actively recruiting and sending B+ blood givers from Boquete to Hospital Chiriqui for a David gringo needing surgery.

  10. Don, here is what I received in an email about the hospital bed you mentioned: It didn’t come from Tom McCormick, it came via Phil McGuigan’s Boquete charity. All I am saying is that anyone in David who wants to put the energy in, can raise money and designate it where they want.

  11. Joyce, Maybe Tom told me wrong, but he told me has given the Hospice hospital beds. If he did and a bed was available for a U.S. citizen in need in this area, are you saying it would have been made available had it been Tom’s bed and only Tom’s bed?

    I am sure if Tom miss spoke about giving the Boquete Hospice any hospital beds, then he will contact me. I will retract my statement and issue a big apology to the Boquete Hospice if that is the case or if I misunderstood Tom.

  12. Don, I do not believe a hospital bed would have been provided for anyone in David, no matter where it came from. The area that Boquete Hospice services goes as far as Portrerillos and Dolega. It would be really good if we could get something set up here to help those who need a hospital bed. I know how I struggled when Nick needed one. I will try to help someone in need of hospice as much as my schedule will allow. Hopefully, one day, we will have more volunteers trained to provide hospice to those in need.

  13. Also, Boquete Hospice does not have many hospital beds; may 6 or so, and they are often all on loan, which is part of the reason the must limit the area that they service.

  14. You and I both know that they have made exceptions with their beds. All I know was when I contacted them they said they had one, but it was not available for this area. So unless Tom has never given them a bed, I will not change my opinion.

    I will wait until I hear from Tom to decide if an apology is required.

  15. Bid 4 Boquete cannot be everything to everyone. If it were to support every charity in Chiriqui, the money would become so diluted as to become meaningless. It was conceived as several charities coming together, sharing the work and the solicitation of donations, and sharing the money. Additionally, B4B reserves a sizable amount each year to give non-participating charities in the Boquete area, as can be seen on the above link. B4B publicly posts where its money goes [see and click on Beneficiaries].
    In fact, donations can be directed toward a specific charity among the major beneficiaries.

  16. Enjoy your B4B. No one said they should support every charity in Chiriquí.

    I am sure that people will be happy to know that they can direct their donations toward specific charities within B4B. I have never seen that published before. That is very good news.

    I suggest that be added to the B4B website so that it is better known. I know I have been told several times that people would like to say where their money goes instead of letting it be decided by committee.

    Thank for enlightening me Bonnie.

  17. For me, these big charity projects help a great deal for one group or another. I mean the rotary buys school supplies for kids who can not afford them. The important part is that we are foreigners and we are trying to put a good foot forward to help our area. If everyone does a little bit, we will make friends and make a big difference for the people born and raised here. So if it is just to give a papaya (out of your yard) to the neighbor or to work tirelessly for months raising money for the poor, we should realize that charity should come from the heart. It is not who does the most but that everyone does something. It takes organizations to reach out to the right people so we should help them. We don’t need to make a big stink about one individual or another. Their reward will be in heaven. We just need to quietly support them so they are successful. Volunteer if you can. Participate in activities as it is fun. Meet the locals and smile with them. This is your reward in Panama.

  18. I’d like to point out you can do works on you own without going through an organization. In June, 2012 I purchased 1,000 tree seedlings at the government run tree nursery at Concepcion. Cost was $0.25 each. I gave the seedlings to a Peace Corps Volunteer friend who had them distributed in the Ngabe-Bugle Comarca. The nursery’s truck delivered them for an additional $0.15 each. Over 50% were coffee plants. The rest were hardwoods. It is best to do this during the rainy season. I think it was $400 well spent.

    One easy thing one could do is bring back Spanish language books for the rural schools. They go neglected.

  19. I am a little confused. Are we talking about donations or invitations? Donations are when the person who gives receives nothing in return. Most people are being invited to events such as garage sales, wine tastings, and golf tournaments. They receive something for their money. If you bid on an item in one of the auctions, you should not be the one who designates where the money goes. The person who donated the item for the auction should have that privilege if it is offered. Instead of others criticizing people in Boquete for trying to do good, it would be nice if they organized something in their own areas. I’ll bet if David expats organized and had garage sales, golf tournaments, silent auctions, etc., some people from Boquete would attend. In the meantime, Boquete doesn’t want to exclude anyone from all the fun events and gladly extends invitations to all who wish to participate.

    Connie Grant

  20. I haven’t seen a statement saying you are able to designate where the proceed money for donated items will go. Is that another unwritten rule that no one knows about. If so it should b publicized.

    I consider a lot of the items I have seen listed on the auction that I would consider strictly a cash donation if purchased. Anyone that buys a PC or laptop running XP that has 2GM of memory is really not receiving anything for their money except the potential of identity theft if they expect to use it on the Internet. I would be ashamed to get money from it. I would not even give it to a friend for free.

    But addressing your original question about donations or invitations, I will give you my opinion. If I am giving my money to anyone under the guise that it is to provide money going to a charity, I would like to be able to specify how it is used. That is the exact reason I choose to avoid all such activities. I do not agree with the distributions of funds by B4B,

    If the money is going to B4B, why shouldn’t the person providing the money get a say in how it is used. Now some may feel fine with just saying here is my money, use it as you like. I am not one of them.

    The purpose of this post was not to prevent people from attending the golf tourneys, etc. The purpose of the post was to make people aware that there are many other organizations other than just those sponsored by B4B. It is possible that some folks hadn’t considered that they could make and impact in their own neighborhood.

    I also don’t think it requires a large amount of expats to get together and to make an impact. Just like big government, the more people you get together the less effective it typically is.

  21. I am not associated with B4B, so I can’t really speak to whether they publicize where donations go or not, or even if it is an option

    . As far as whether a person who makes the purchase should be able to designate where the money goes: who should get to make that designation, the donor or the purchaser? It can’t be both.

    One person’s junk is another’s treasure. If a person buys a lamp that they like at a bargain price, who am I to tell them it is junk?

    No, it doesn’t require an organization to do good in your own community and I am sure your readers are smart enough to be aware of that. Where was the individual who donated the hospital bed to you?


  22. I will let B4B specify whether the donor or the purchaser gets to designate the organization in B4B to receive the money. At least it takes it out of committee.

    A lamp compared to a PC running XP, is not a valid comparison. Of course I only look at the technical items and haven’t seen one that I considered a worthwhile buy or I would have bought it.

    If you bothered to read the post Connie, you would have seen that the bed for the stroke victim was provided by Tom McCormack. I suspect the same person providing many of Boquete Hospice’s beds.

  23. We did buy a stove from B4B and it was a good deal for us. Took two days of hard work to get it in shape to go into the kitchen, but saved us a bunch as we didn’t have to buy a new one. As for where the money went, it didn’t matter to us as we do not live in Boquete and understand as outsiders, we have little say about what goes on there. That’s OK.

    I would like to know if any of the charities you know of will take used items like B4B does. I would much rather give to anyone around the David area as giving anything to B4B is a royal pain if you have to drive there to do it. Do any of them do a flea market thing like they do? We currently have several things plus some gently used clothing I would like to see go to a good cause. Anyone know about anything like that?

  24. In response to Connie, it is the donor who may specify which of the major beneficiary organizations gets credit for the donation. Most donors do not, as most are supportive of all the organizations. A buyer does not make a charitable donation as he or she gets something in return which, by definition, is not a donation. Because donations are auctioned off in B4B, it cannot reasonably be compared to the United Way except in the sense that is an umbrella organization. Those who want to donate to a specific charity, of course, certainly may do so directly.

  25. Since so many people appear to be interested in the question of where B4B money goes, it distributed $81,000 last year to the following organizations:

    Amigos de Animales de Boquete – Spay and neuter clinics for dogs and cats
    Buenos Vecinos de Boquete – Food distribution to 100+ very poor and/or handicapped families
    Fundaction Pro-Integracion – Support for their programs for the handicapped citizens in our community
    Alto al Crimen – Assistance with paying the salary for a full time emergency operator (Rodny Moreno)
    Boquete Knitters & Quilters –Blankets, booties and hats for newborn indigenous babies
    Boquete Artworks – For the children’s art program at the library
    Biblioteca de Boquete – Purchase of more Spanish language books and other expenses
    Boquete Hospice & Health Foundation – Care giving services to patients and their families
    Colegio Benigno Tomas Argote – For the brass band program
    Santa Lucia Kid’s Camp – Payment for the children of Casa Hogar Trisker to attend the camp
    Volcancito Medical Mission – For their medical outreach to the indigenous community

    Many, many people were involved in this effort, and most would consider it a very “effective” charitable endeavor.

  26. Don Ray, you’re in a perfect position as a blogger and Embassy Warden to initiate and encourage more good works in your area, David. A good start was posting some of your local charitable organizations.

  27. While our posts became slightly off course, my whole purpose in responding in the first place was to focus on the good that is done and not on criticism of how they accomplished it or how someone who is not a part of their deeds would do them. The people who work for B4B never cease to amaze me at their tireless efforts and the wonderful things they accomplish. They choose to support certain causes and do things in a certain way. If you don’t agree, then either do it yourself or encourage others to take up the cause you are interested in. It is discouraging to those who are working so hard to hear these criticisms and if they reacted to each remark, they would only get criticized by someone else for doing it that way. I think all charitable work should be applauded. I certainly thank B4B for all their amazing accomplishments.


  28. I volunteer for B4B and ALSO volunteer for several of the organizations who receive grants from B4B. They are transparent in their donations, you can access their meeting minutes on the website which shows the cash disbursement.. When they ask for “donations” from areas away from Boquete it generates publicity for that place. Bonnies note shows all the areas that B4B serves.There is so much need, B4B and the charities they support cover as much as they can, But anyone who wants to donate for a specific charity, please do!

  29. I have previously posted about the works of several organizations in B4B. Buenos Vecinos and the Handicap Foundation of Boquete to name a couple. I also agree that the volunteers in those two organizations do an amazing job.

    Again and I will repeat myself, the post primary intention is to raise the awareness that there are more needs in Chiriqui than just in Boquete.

    I am sorry that many took it as “Your baby is not that pretty”. How B4B spends its money doesn’t affect me because I have enough personal causes closer to home than Boquete. I personally would not drive to Boquete for any of the events, because they don’t interest me.

    If I were interested, I would have the problem with the past distributions of the funds. Now that this discussion has take place, maybe more will choose to direct their money, if they have a preference to the distribution.

    I hope as a result of this discussion more in David, Bugaba, Volcan, etc, will take a harder look in supporting this in need in they areas.

    I forgot to mention Hogar Santa Catalina in David. This elderly care center is second to none that I have seen in Chiriqui and from many of the people I have talked to, second to none in Panama. They take money donations as well as other items that they distribute to the needy.

    I am usually there a minimum of one day a week and sometimes more.

    They are not far from Nutre Hogar and both are very worth while organizations and both support all of Chiriqui.

  30. If this discussion has encouraged more people to volunteer in their communities and support charitable organizations, it has been worthwhile. I believe it could have been accomplished,
    however, without the perceived shortcomings of B4B being the focus of the original post–whose poster does not live in Boquete, by his own admission doesn’t like Boquete, and who knows very little about how B4B operates. Connie is right: all legitimately charitable work should be applauded, not scorned.

  31. Ok, Bonnie. Let’s explore your comment. I have nothing against Boquete. I lived there for over 2 years and know Boquete. You are correct, I would not want to live there now, but everyone has different needs and desires. Boquete fills neither of these for me, but it is great for those that it does. My not wanting to live in Boquete had nothing to do with the post.

    I realize you are one of the leaders of B4B and therefore are offended if anyone says your baby is not that pretty. Understandable.

    My dad used to say, “it is not what is, that is. It is what is perceived”. I can assure you from comments I have received prior to the post, that my concerns about the B4B administration are not alone. I have heard them from people living in the Boquete area and outside the Boquete area. Many people living in Boquete have to be careful what they say in public for obvious reasons.

    A wise man will look at their criticisms and see if there is merit in them rather than attracting the person raising the concern. I do on a daily basis and sometimes I change.

    Would I have written the post differently, had I not been refused help for a U.S. Citizen (and veteran) in dire need of a short term a hospital bed? Sure. The Boquete Hospice would not have been mentioned.

    And like I said, should I find that Tom McCormack has not contributed beds to the Hospice, I will retract my statement and apologize. Until then, I think the request should have been considered for an exception.

  32. Don

    I found your post informative to learn about the additional charities in the area. I think you also did B4B a great service in opening the door to let them learn about the concerns and issues many of us have. It is regretful that B4B and its volunteers took your post with such offense rather than opening a dialog to discuss how a few changes could bring even more support for their organization. Once it became clear that they were offended and not open to considering other points of view, the rest of us simply stopped posting.

    No one here disputes the great effort and good that B4B does. However; I think that B4B and its supporters lost the chance to engage the community in a discussion that could very well have brought them new ideas and additional support.

    Thank you Don. As always your posts are informative and the discussion well mannered. It is a refreshing change from some of the other forums in this area.

  33. This will be the only response to this matter.

    If we could only be all things to all people! Boquete Hospice and Health Foundation is made up totally of volunteers who give their time, energy, and love to help the sick and dying in our community. We just do not have the manpower to expand to all of Chiriqui. But, we have trained volunteers from David and Volcan who are interested in starting similar organizations in their communities. We will help support them in their endeavors just like we helped support a group of women who started a hospice organization in Panama City.

    Since we were founded, we have covered the same territory for patient care and equipment loan. Delivering items like hospital beds is not easy, especially for our age group of volunteers. We are very grateful for all donations of equipment, time and money we have received. We have always been clear about our criteria for loan of equipment: Hospice patients always take precedence and we can only provide equipment for the Boquete area.

    We take it as a form of flattery that the community wants more of what we do. Unfortunately, we do not see where Boquete Hospice and Health Foundation will be able to increase volunteers to cover all of Chiriqui. Please visit our websites if you are interested in volunteering: and

  34. Hi Betty. As far as I know, we have never met. If you are one of the gun toting folk in Boquete, perhaps this being our only exchange is a good thing for me.

    I have lived in Panama for 12 years and one thing I have learned is that Panama is a small country. Not only that, but Chiriquí is only one of the provinces in Panama. Anything happening in Panama or Chiriquí is quickly known by many people.

    Now, let me dissect your comment.

    I agree with you that the volunteers of Boquete Hospice do a great thing giving their time and energy. I think that your providing hospice training for other volunteers in other areas of Panama is also a good thing. I have often promoted Boquete Hospice.

    I for one have never asked for any service from one of your volunteers. I merely asked for a short term loan of durable medical equipment (i.e. a hospital bed) for a U.S. veteran that desperately needed it in David.

    Since we were founded, we have covered the same territory for patient care and equipment loan. Delivering items like hospital beds is not easy, especially for our age group of volunteers. We are very grateful for all donations of equipment, time and money we have received. We have always been clear about our criteria for loan of equipment: Hospice patients always take precedence and we can only provide equipment for the Boquete area.

    Your above statement in error. I am personally acquainted with the recipient of a hospital bed in David from the Boquete Hospice. Maybe it was before your time or done without your permission. I fully agreed with Boquete Hospice’s decision to provide this bed.

    Non the less, the fact that it happened makes your statement at best an innocent mistake and at worse hypocritical administration of your stated rules. If there had never been any exceptions, I would have never cried foul. I would not have agreed with your reasoning, but I would have said nothing.

    Now that you know better, you may want to change your statement to one that says , “We no longer have hospital beds for anyone outside of Boquete.”

  35. Don Ray, this statement is from the B4B organization’s home page.

    “Bid 4 Boquete is an all volunteer fund raising organization which supports charitable and civic organizations in Boquete, Panama. Organizations supported by proceeds from Bid 4 Boquete events include those providing assistance to the handicapped, elderly, and infirm; those that feed the desperately hungry; and those that promote health, literacy, education, community security, and control of the animal population within Boquete and its environs.”

    To my mind, one of the key words in the statement is support. B4B supports other organizations but does not administer them, and therefore has little or no control over their policies.

    I would also add that Tom McCormack may have donated some beds to the Boquete Hospice group, but I’m sure he knew they were for use in the Boquete area when he did so.

    By the way, just this week a person from the Boquete Blood Donor’s list who donated blood for a David resident in hospital last week, is now unable to donate for a Boquete resident who requires his type this week.

    Raising awareness of local worthwhile charities in your own area is a great thing, but I don’t understand why it’s necessary to criticize another community’s efforts in the process.

    Although I am not directly involved with B4B, I do know that anyone who wishes to make input as to funding distribution (or anything else to do with the organization) can do so at

    As far as being bombarded with emails, etc. we all know how to unsubscribe from those which annoy us. Personally, I see notices from B4B as evidence of hard work and good marketing skills being employed by dedicated individuals trying to make a difference.


  36. Two final comments, Don Ray, before I leave this discussion.

    Hospice and Bid 4 Boquete are two completely separate organizations. Hospice is not even a B4B major beneficiary. Rather, Hospice received a mini-grant from B4B last year. B4B is not involved in any way with the policies of Hospice. Your quarrel with Hospice therefore is an inapt springboard for criticism of B4B.

    A wise man certainly learns from criticism, provided that the criticism is well-founded. The above misconception, as well as other misconceptions pointed out in my previous posts, demonstrate that yours was not. Yes, I took issue with you personally because I find your remarks to be ill-founded at best, petty and malicious at worst. I’m sure it is no accident that you posted just prior to this year’s B4B event.

  37. Bonnie, thanks for educating me on the limited scope Boquete Hospice (a very worth while organization) receives from B4B. I appreciate it.

    You are correct is believing that B4B’s approaching event inspired my post. When I received multiple requests to post the date for B4B, it reminded me that others may not have considered also supporting needs in their own area.

    You should be happy. I have alway heard that the more publicity one gets the better.

  38. Partial January minutes from B4B. Would anyone care to elaborate about cutting funding from the library?

    The final business of the day was a motion, discussion, and vote on removing the Biblioteca de Boquete as a major beneficiary pursuant to Article II, Section 2, of the Bid 4 Boquete bylaws. Bonnie Williams made that motion that it be so removed based on the library’s failure to fulfill the responsibilities of a major beneficiary: they have brought in virtually no donations and fewer than a handful of volunteers. Bonnie distributed a printed copy of a series of e-mails between Penny, Bonnie, Marjorie Sarner, and Price Peterson and pointed out that both Marjorie and Price wrote there that the library board will not ask its 30+ volunteers to work for B4B and that library volunteers should not be expected to work for B4B. Both also stated in the e-mails that they do not share B4B values, and both disparaged B4B’s support of Amigos de Animales and belittled the mission of this sister B4B organization.

    Following discussion, the motion passed with Penny, Bonnie, Alicia, and Gail voting in favor of the motion and Anayansi and Susan voting against it. Under the bylaws the library liaison is not allowed to vote.

  39. I believe the minutes are largely self-explanatory. Under the B4B Bylaws (see under Volunteer Resources), major beneficiaries are required to engage in fundraising, i.e., the solicitation of donations. In its request to become a major beneficiary, the library pledged to do so. Applicants also are asked to include in their application if they have sufficient volunteers to help with fundraising and work at the B4B events.

    Last year the library, which was not a major beneficiary and therefore did not participate in fundraising other work, received $10,000 from B4B in a mini-grant. The previous two years it received mini-grants also.

  40. Don,
    Bid4 Boquete is a positive asset to the Boquete community. If your post inspires others in other communities to organize and work to assist in their communities that is a good thing.

    As those who see the progress in the Boquete Community know Bid4Boquete and the other volunteer organizations do their best with a limited number of volunteers. The income from Bid4Boquete helps several organizations. None of them would object to direct donations if someone wants to target a donation. Without people spending their time soliciting, promoting and creating fund raising activities many of the organizations would be able to do less because it takes events, things and effort to get community participation and investment.

    This model, or any other would be transferable to other communities if they can amass people interested in making the effort. The fact that Boquete has pioneered a model is good, but Boquete cannot provide for the entire Provence.

    You give your time freely as an Embassy Warden, you express your frustration at times in this blog but no one expects you to be all things to all people; it is not possible. The same reality is for Bid4Boquete.

  41. I like your blog, and I generally view the information that you provide to be a public service. Unfortunately, your grudge concerning the hospital bed has now disparaged two very worthwhile organizations that function solely through the hard work of volunteers. I know it wasn’t your intention to disparage them, but it is the result.

    The best take away from this discussion is that there are many many many organizations that rely on charitable donations. If any of us has a disagreement with B4B’s policies, beneficiaries, and size of donation, it shouldn’t stop any of us from contributing directly to charities as we see fit.

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