**** An Alert ****

Our neighborhood WhatsApp group had a notice distributed about an up coming program at the Children’s Hospital (Hospital del Niño – Panama City) on Monday 23, Tuesday 24, and Wednesday 25.

Now maybe most of the residents in Panama are aware of this, but it is important enough that I am going to post the message in English as well as the original WhatsApp message.

Here is my rough English translation:

Doctors from the Shriners Hospital for Children in Shreveport, Louisiana will doing free evaluations of children with orthopedic problems. The evaluations will be performed on the first floor behind emergency room. Some of those evaluated may be approved for surgery and all expenses, including transportation and a chaperon, will be paid by the Foundation of Abou Saad Shriners.

The following documentation must be brought to the evaluation: Birth Certificate, Vaccination records, and recent X-rays of the affected area.

The program is for children a few months old to under 18 years.

Interested parties may receive more information by calling 3 15-1515..

The original WhatsApp message follows:

para avisarles que el lunes 23, martes 24 y miercoles 25 de febrero en el Hospital del Niño, en planta baja detras de urgencias; los medicos del Shriners Hospital for Children Sheveport, LA estaran atendiendo a los niños con problemas ortopedicos gratuitamente y de ser aprobados para cirugia entrarian al programa de la Fundacion de Abou Saad Shriners para ser operados en USA con todos los gastos pagos acompañados de su tutor. Solo deben traer: certificado de nacimiento, control de vacunas y la radiografia del area afectada mas reciente. El programa es para niños de meses hasta 18 años. Si saben de algun caso pueden darle estos datos o que llamen al 3 15-1515
Por si conocen a alguien q le interese

If you know of a Panamanian family in Chiriquí that might benefit from this program, you might want to make sure they know about it.

7 thoughts on “**** An Alert ****

  1. I thought it was here, but since the WhatsApp message says “Hospital del Niño”, then it must be in Panama City. My mistake. Thanks for clarifying that.

    I assume those with an interest will call the number.

  2. My cousin in OK is a Shriner and drives children and their families that have been approved for surgery to the hospital in LA. The Shriners do an amazing job helping those that cannot afford to help their child.

    I guess my question would be this: are they going to transport these that are approved here to LA to their hospital for surgery. I know they put the family member(s) up in a hotel, but this would also require passports for all concerned wouldn’t it? I don’t think all Panamanian’s have passports.

    As B&A said, Many of the indigenous do not have vaccination nor birth cert records and certainly not passports. They are some that need this assistance the most.

  3. Yes, as the information stated, the expenses for the individual and a person accompanying will be paid to Louisiana. This is not a new thing for the Shriners to be helping those in need in Panama.

    Another young lady I have met working with Tom McCormick, by the name of Sissi, is in the program because of Tom. I have several posts on Sissi.



    I am sure all problems of passports etc are not new and can be solved once the individual is approved to be a part of the program. This is only the first step in the process.

  4. Indigenous kids do have vaccinations. They go to centros de salud. If you visit a centro you’ll see them getting their vaccines and their milk and oatmeal bags. Also every year thr health ministry goes door to all neighborhoods checking the vaccination cards giving the shots thst are missing if needed. I’ve seen it. They also have the same for jubilados. I have my card and get my shots free becsuse i have Panamanian retirement benefits. This something i am proud of this country. Free Health programs and preventive medicine.

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