The other evening Enrique Arauz stopped by my house. He had just returned a car to a neighbor of mine and he remembered I lived on this street.

I noticed a car drive by slowly and then returned and parked. I didn’t recognize him at first, but then remembered he was the mechanic I had used on my Terios.

IMG_0371He, his wife and two children came in and visited. He had just stopped by to say “Thank You”, because he had several CC readers use him after my original Post.

They are a very nice family and Enrique impresses me both from his professionalism in his work, and also for his attitude.

The children had a great time playing with Koki and Koki had even a better time playing with them.

The children both suffer from allergies to gluten and many milk products. I know this forces them to spend more money than the normal Panamanian family because it isn’t all that easy to find gluten free products and when you do, they are more expensive.

In case you need general mechanical help, he has my recommendation. He lives in Algarrobos and works on cars there on his off hours. His Cell # is 6489-0216. He does good work and charges foreigners the same as locals.

I enjoy helping local business and especially individuals like Enrique. If you contact him, tell him that you read about him on Chiriquí Chatter.

4 thoughts on “JUST TO SAY THANK YOU

  1. Can someone translate English to Enrique for us? Our Spanish is very poor and we tried to contact him, but he did not understand that we are looking for someone to find out what is wrong with the horn on our vehicle and also if he can arrange for a front windshield replacement. (The crack is getting pretty bad….) If you are willing to do this for us, our cell number is: 6299-2843 (We are currently living in Algarrobos at Doral Villas, so we should not be very far from Enrique.)

    Thanks in advance!!!

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