Pain In The Butt

Anyone using the PakYA Mail forwarding service should have received a notice that the mail address has now changed.

This is a notice that is always a pain in the butt.

I have a “Group List” created in my Apple contact list of all places I have to notify when I have an address change. I spent three hours contacting all accounts either by email, web page, and by telephone.

Some businesses just don’t like the format of the PakYA address and the address change area on the business web page won’t accept it.

Sometimes, I was able to force the page to accept the change. Some required a phone call. PayPal was one. Luckily the individual on the line was in Omaha and not in India and was easy to work with.

I still have a couple calls to the U.S. that have not been returned, but I am getting closer. I have changed all of my credit cards, so I shouldn’t miss any replacement cards when their due date hits.

I also set a reminder to tell me when I should have received a new card.

In case you use PakYA and didn’t know your address had changed, here is the email I received.

Dear Valued Customer:
As part of the move to our new facility the USPS has assigned PakYA a unique firm number that will help sort and process your shipments to us. This zip+4 is also used by all courier companies to sort packages. It is very important that going forward you use the zip+4 format when addressing your shipments.
Effective immediately our zip+4 code is: 33166-9155
Please note that we will move to our new location on February 1st 2015. Shipments scheduled for delivery as of this date should be address as follows:
[Your Account Name/Company Name]
7950 NW 77 ST, C4
[Your Account #]
Medley, FL 33166-9155

9 thoughts on “Pain In The Butt

  1. That is what MBE does and it does make it easier, plus they do not keep changing their address either.

  2. This is my first change in several years, but I did make a plan last time and it made it easier this time.

    I am not sure I understand what you are saying about the Acct # being easier on the name line.

    My Discover Card wants my name on the name line. They would not issue a card to to my account number. I use this basically to receive my credit cards and letters.

  3. Right…we use our PTY nbr on the 1st address line then the street address. they don’t even look at the name unless there is a problem. They are expensive and slow in delivering from Miami, to our local store. Usually 5 to 10 days from Miami.

  4. I too have reached my limit with Air Box.

    What’s their address here in David, Don Ray as it doesn’t come up googling.

  5. I used AirBox in the past and now use Multiservicios International De chiriquí (aka PakYA). This is the first time they have changed my address because the moved to a location, they say. They are located across the street from Romeros in Dolegita.

  6. Thanks, Don Rey.

    I had gone to Multisericios (David) before when you mentioned it, and of course came up empty.

  7. Everyone has different needs and different experiences. I rarely ship anything to them. All of my deliveries are envelopes and they have always been the cheapest service for that.

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