By Don Ray Williams
January 29, 2015

Here I sit, listening to old music and reminiscing.
Thinking of times gone by and old friends that are missing.

When we were young, we thought that we would all live forever,
We thought that we were invincible and would always be together.

And now as we get older, we start to notice that there are fewer of us around.
Old friends are disappearing, no longer to be found.

Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day,
Winter followed by Spring then summer and autumn, time unnoticed, slips away.

Today I shed more than a tear as I considered the time that I’ve lived.
Touched by many and while they’re gone, the memories they left me were truly a gift.

5 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. I listen to the ”oldies” also, frequently. (I have Spotify internet music and can assemble my own albums.) The memories from more than fifty years ago are so sweet to relive, as well as the friends who have made those memories so precious. Your poem is lovely and nostalgic. Thank you.

  2. “Héme aquí, escuchando música de antaño y recordando,
    pensando en el tiempo transcurrido y en los amigos que no están.

    Cuando jóvenes, pensábamos que seríamos eternos,
    creíamos que seríamos invencibles y que siempre estaríamos juntos.

    Y ahora, a medida que envejecemos, comenzamos a notar que ya no estamos todos,
    los viejos amigos están despareciendo, y no volveremos a encontrarnos.

    Segundo tras segundo, minuto tras minuto, hora tras hora y día tras día
    Después del invierno sigue la primavera, luego el verano y el otoño:
    sin darnos cuenta se escapa el tiempo.

    Hoy he derramado más de una lágrima al comprender el tiempo que he vivido,
    conmovido por muchos que se han ido dejándome el mejor regalo: su recuerdo.”

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