SmokiN Mamma’s Revisited

It has been about 10 months since I last visited. SmokiN Mamma’s. I had been so disappointed in the pulled pork on my last visit that I hadn’t returned.

Well yesterday I wanted a burger for lunch and Natalie and I made SmokiN Mammas’s out burger stop for the day.

A pleasant surprise was seeing Paula, who I had first met at Verona Pizza. She was always very attentive there and one of the things that SmokiN Mamma’s needed was a good person attending the client’s.

Natalie and I ordered burgers and Onion Bites. I am happy to say both were very good. The burger was still $7.00.

If you stop in, say hi to Paula and tell her that read about her on Chiriqui Chatter.


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