Haircut or Dog Tags

I was starting to look a little shaggy and I solved that problem by going to see Yanie. She has been my barber since 2006. It is the best $3.00 I spend and when I think of the expensive haircuts I had in the U.S. I am grateful.

She has moved twice since I first met her. One of the thing I like about Yanie is that she always has a smile on her face. A great haircut and a smiling face always helps to make the day a little bit better.

HERE is the post showing her location with directions to Dariush Salón. If you see Yanie, tell her you read about her on Chiriquí Chatter.

7 thoughts on “Haircut or Dog Tags

  1. When I turned 70, I decided to stop getting haircuts. My ponytail has stopped growing, but I have spent ZERO on haircuts in the last 4 years. ;>}}

  2. Yanie is absolutely the best barber and hairdresser. My wife and I are very pleased with her work. She is an example of the ” treasures” that can be found in David if you are willing to look.

  3. That is a great price. The gal that cuts my hair for free,… anywhere in the world, also has a great smile on her face!
    My lovely wife!

  4. I have been getting my hair cut by Yanni for about the last 3 years, since seeing your praise of her way back when.

    I’m generally not one to complain about Panamanian customer service, but I’m going to today, and it concerns Yanni. I will NEVER go back there. I went to get my hair cut this morning. She was talking on the telephone when she unlocked the door. She indicated that I should take a seat and then she sat in the other chair and continued talking. I shrugged this off for a while but she kept chatting away like a magpie with a friend of hers. After a while I took a look at my watch. Instead of telling her friend, “I’ve got a client, let me call you back in a little while,” she just kept on talking. After 14 minutes of non-stop chatter, by my watch, and with no end in sight, I got up, grabbed my knapsack, unlocked the door and left.

    Now, I know my $3 isn’t going to make or break her financial future, but she’s lost a regular customer for good!

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