Are You Willing To Participate In A Test

I would like to get a sampling of Internet Performance in Panama.

To do it, I suggest using to gather similar information. It will show your Internet Service Provider in the results, so there should be no need to state who you are using.

To participate in the test, click HERE. Then click “BEGIN TEST”. The test will run and collect Ping information, and Upload and Download performance. It will also list your ISP.

When the test has completed, click on “SHARE THIS RESULT”.

Next select  “IMAGE” and then click “COPY”.

Then leave a comment on this post and paste the image address you just copied.

Your comment should produce an image that looks like the one from my test.

If would help if you also describe your contracted speed. i.e. 2MB down and 1MB up and what province of Panama you reside in.

I contract for 5MB down and 1MB up and live in David, Chiriquí.

Feel free to leave more than one comment taken at different times of the day.

Thanks to all who participate.

53 thoughts on “Are You Willing To Participate In A Test

  1. That is about when our speeds come back up to ‘normal’ for what we buy also. Ours starts slowing around 5pm sometime around as late as 8pm. I think this is the time when the system is used the most, everyone has had dinner, watching their videos and so on… that would mean the system is imbalanced, oversold and under-supplied. Explains why we can’t buy a larger than 5 Mb/S service on copper wiring capable of 40 Mb/S. They are limiting what they sell that way. Still doesn’t fix this problem of night time slow downs though. Companies are being overly thrifty with their upstream supplier, their IPS and not having enough bandwidth.

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