3 thoughts on “Cable Onda Can’t Get Much Worse

  1. Don, I haven’t measured my speeds but they do not seem as slow as yours. Since CO sends by cable, I would think that a good signal somewhere and a bad one some where else means cable problems, which shouldn’t be too hard to isolate.

  2. My house guest got for his laptop a USB stick from Claro. 2 Mg. It cost $26.35. The stick belongs to him. Then he bought their monthly service fee of $16.85 ($15 plus tax). Claro loads the card. It is good for 30 days. There is no contract. Technically it is a wireless router that picks up the Caro signal only. No password required. His speed test and bing count has been satisfactory. He is happy with it. The only problem is he has to go to Claro every month to reload the stick. He gets Claro wherever Claro has service. I do not recall what 3 mg would cost. He has been able to stream movies with 2 Mg.

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