David Gas Price January 10

IMG_0256It has been a while since I posted the price of gas in David. I took this photo yesterday.

Remember for U.S. comparisons, you have to reduce the octane rating by 4. Therefore, 95 octane (in Panama) is 91 in the U.S. and 91 (in Panama) is 87 in Panama.

The price of Panama’s 91 octane (what I buy) is $.65/liter or $2.46/gallon. Best price we have seen in some time. You can see that diesel is slightly cheaper.

6 thoughts on “David Gas Price January 10

  1. $1.85 – $1.99 per gallon in Virginia even with a tax increase that went into effect January 1st. Diesel is about .90 a gallon higher depending on the station. With that being said, I am glad to be back in Panama and to have some cheap diesel available here.

  2. That picture is the Terpel gas station at F Sur y Interamericana oeste; and their gas is crap.
    I have a brand new Honda 125 motorcycle that will let you know right away the gas is bad when you accelerate up a hill, and I doubt Terpel 95 octane is US 91, more like there is only one tank underground and its all 85 octane. The Puma station at Terronal had 98 octane but now back to 95 – but it appears to be better gas with a true octane value. Does anyone know of a station selling 98 octane in David?

  3. Whatever the octane, whatever the price, I would rather be in Panama than anywhere in the USA now.

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