The Ping Tells The Story

I have been too busy to focus on Cable Onda’s performance, but it has not improved. Lilliam is scheduled to go to Costa Rica later next week and I will make contact with CO again.

Just thought I would post a reminder for myself. I am glad I don’t have to make a living using the Internet.

3 thoughts on “The Ping Tells The Story

  1. Si en su casa Don Ray llueve en la mia no escampa, ocurre la misma situación e igual poseo 5mb de bajada y 1mb de subida, pero el ping ronda por la misma cantidad suya. Tengo el concepto que ir a reclamarle a Cable Onda por esta situación no se logrará mucho, lo malo que uno esta pagando por un servicio completo y no a medias. He tenido en el pasado situaciones parecidas con ellos y por lo menos ellos reconocen una mensualidad menor por el servicio que uno no ha recibido adecuadamente. Espero que como empresa vaya subsanando tal situación

  2. Don’t know how you get anything done. I get on average 30 mb download and am spoiled enough to gripe ! Thanks for putting all the other links back up on your gateway site!

  3. Just to make everyone happy with a laugh…I am not computer literate and don’t know what in the heck everyone is talking about..OR THE COMPUTER.. …I am 72 and dealt with shorthand from business school and all typewriter and just typed all out from my shorthand on a typewriter…. ….God help us all old people. I SEE the process, all of my friends that I communicate with (computer literate) are having sooooooo many problems and they don’t know what is happening..EITHER. .This is not only with Panama……AND THEY ARE COMPUTER LITERATE…CONGRATS DON FOR WHAT IN THE HECK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT…THAT SOMEONE ELSE WILL UNDERSTAND… My cell doesn’t work half the time either….WHAT SHOULD I GARBAGE?? my LIFE?

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