Cable Onda Update

After getting no commitment from the young lady at the help desk, about whether any technician would ever come out, I went to the Cable Onda Office this morning. The attendant there said he would schedule a technician to come between 1 PM and 6 PM. He got here around 5 PM.

He was a very nice young man and conscientiously listened to to my experiences. I showed him the log of speed tests that I had taken over the last couple of weeks.

He ran the speed test on my laptop and the test was consistent with my past tests. It was interesting that he ran the same speed test and not one by CO. I was happy to see that. was the site he used.

He said the ping was much too high and should be between 80 and 125. Apparently when you are getting a higher ping than that range, then all bets are off and the rest of the results may not be reliable either.

Seeing this, he switched out my modem to a new one. It took a long time for CO to configure the new modem. We then reran the speed tests, and the first test was good. However, subsequent tests varied. He saw that the tests were not consistent.

He said to use this modem for the next couple of days and he would have to do some more research and would call me in a couple days. I expect that may be in January.

I have his number and will call him on January 2, if I haven’t heard from him before then. The good news is I finally got someone to come out to the house and see the problem. I am confident the problem will now be resolved even though it wasn’t today.

This also proved that calling the help desk is a waste of time. It is better to go to the main office.

At least we eliminated the modem as a potential problem.

9 thoughts on “Cable Onda Update

  1. I live 1 km or so away from where you live (terronal?) and my connection is good… or at least ok. I remember having problems with my connection speed and it was something related to the modem itself….

  2. I have had ADSL in our Fort Worth neighborhood for 10+ years, mostly stable. A few years ago, I began getting erratic operation which the line tech could not find on his visits. It finally got consistently bad enough that he was able to hook up his TDR and found “bad copper” 930 feet from my house. He drove down the street, climbed a pole and fixed the corroded connections. No problems since.

    My guess would be you have similar problems, perhaps exacerbated by the winds. If the tech has access to the right test gear, it should be easy to locate.

  3. I certainly appreciate your running point with Cable Onda. I have been getting a lot of “connection reset” problems.

  4. I am afraid they have grown to the point that they have several problems. I doubt that many that use the Internet don’t realize they have problems because they never knew if they were getting what they paid for or not.

  5. Well….certainly a bit less depressing. There’s a teeny ray-o-hope. BTW….we’ve been through this, and a “new” modem is not always a new modem. (we’ve pondered buying our own…but CO does not warm up to the idea.)

    We have a neighbor who was a regular in the office… ( You know , audible groans when they saw him coming kinda regular ) Eventually and several modems later, we saw trucks in the neighborhood and up on every pole with a box doing stuff. Our problems diminished after that a bit.

  6. HI: I am dealing with the $$ from Cable Onda and paying and paying .paying;;;;;NO SERVICE and NO deductions for $$…for lack or service. TV problems, phone service, PLEASE, ..EVERYONE COMPLAIN AND PUSH THEM TO GET ACT TOGETHER…..FOR ALL OF US.

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