7 thoughts on “Today’s PM Test

  1. Hola Don Ray,

    We use one of the wireless services since we live way up in Volcancito Ariba.

    We pay a lot for our 2Mbs service. Most of the time we are happy. However, it is not unusual to experience a significant slowdown at various times particularly at nights starting around 7:30p or so.

    Seems like the download speed varies and is not stable.

    When I run a speed test during this time often I get ~0.5 Mbs download but our upload is usually very good ~0.5 to 1.0 Mbs. I will reboot the router and modem and they everything seems fine for a while. Then it happens all over again.

    We experienced a similar issue with the other wireless internet provider.

    It is my understanding that our service, and probably most all other internet provides in the area, eventually connects/contracts with Cable Onda and maybe they are having bandwidth capacity problems that are effecting everyone,

    I have often wondered if the bandwidth with Cable Onda is being “throttled” to control the overall usage by subscribers kind of like a rolling brown-out to hold down the total bandwidth usage.

  2. I m pretty sure that CO throttles because they have various speed options. However, I think my speed problem has to have a physical problem associated with it. If I can get n engineer out, maybe the problem will be worked on.

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