Cable Onda Speed Tests on December 19

I had thought I had been have Cable Onda problems for several weeks, but I never took the time to sit down and test it. The IDrive installation forced me to take a look and I see that I am not getting what I pay for.

My upload speed is the one that really needs help. Following are several test from this morning. I tried talking to Cable Onda yesterday and they could only say everything looked fine on their end.

As a side note, the phone attendant requested I send the speed tests to along with my customer #. I sent them the URL of this post. I think she said they would respond in 48 hours.

I will add tests throughout the day.

Test at 7:00 AM.

Test at 7:08 AM.

Test at 7:12 AM.

Test at 7:40 AM.

Test at 9:04 AM.

Test at 10:00 AM.

Ping test at 10:20AM. I decided to run a Ping test to check for data loss and line quality.

11:20 AM

1:30 PM

7:00 PM – Note the % of packet loss in the 7:00 PM test!!!

8:10 PM

12 thoughts on “Cable Onda Speed Tests on December 19

  1. We had the same sort of problems with speed. I use Internet Frog for testing speed and it was all over the place. We had Cable Onda out here about every week till they finally have fixed it to the best it’s going to get.

    First it was a new splitter out on the pole. Then they ran all new wire from the pole to the house and new wire on the poles for several pole lengths down the road as we understood that others were complaining as well.

    Then they put in a new modem saying that the one they originally put in couldn’t handle the 9 mbps service we supposedly were getting (not that it’s EVER been 9 but has on a couple of occasions been a bit over 8). It still fluctuates up and down which makes it difficult to stream USTVNow.

    When Cable Onda does a speed test they are not testing for the World Wide Web, just Panama. Makes a very big difference and you have to get the tech to use whatever speed test you want them to. Some techs are more willing than others to work with you.

    They have expanded their service to Boquete now and I’m not all that knowledgeable about all this computer stuff, but I think they have sold more bandwidth than they have so everyone is complaining about poor service.

    You just have to keep after them till they make it right. I don’t know what level of service you have with them, but those are horrible readings.

  2. Same issues in Brisas Boquetenas. Same responses and repairs from them. No change. Cable Onda has over extended their bandwidth capability methinks. We’re stuck. I’m thankful for the cable however ….and for that, I accept what is…is.

  3. I’m interested to see how the techs respond to the speed/ping tests. My service was upgraded a week ago to 15 megas down. I had my first slow down here about 30 mins. ago. (connected to San Jose) showed about the same as, connected to Seattle WA. speakeasy showed 1.42 down and .92 up. This was after I rebooted the new modem CableO. installed (first reboot for the modem)….but then, I switched to a Dallas server and down speed increased to 12…then I switched the test server to NYC…and got 15.01 down…and 1.01up. Then, I went back to test speed at…and the faster speed had returned.

    So…it seems like the speed was oscillating today. Could they be choking the connection or have not yet learned to balance out the network?

  4. I suspect they always throttle the connection to insure you don’t get more than you pay for. As much as you are paying, I would expect getting 15MB.

  5. Please update us on whatever you find out as nearly everyone is questioning the Cable Onda speed and service overall.

  6. My connection dropped down to getting the little yellow icon indicating no internet connection just a few minutes ago. I rebooted the modem and router and the connection came back…then dropped to the yellow icon…then reboots…and now the speed is back…but not don’t know long (smile).

  7. I just did the speed test and got my 9 megs down and close to 1 meg up. My ping test got a score of B. overall a good score.

    I did notice the other day however that my connection was up and down like a yo yo.


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