iDrive First Impressions.

Yesterday, I posted that I was taking advantage of an IDrive Promotion. Well my initial impressions are not good.

This is strictly based on the amount of time it is taking to upload data. At the current rate, to upload 180GB of data is going to take months.

I have not determined why the upload rate is so slow, but if I can’t get the rate to increase, then the experiment has failed.

My experience with DropBox has been much different, which is why I thought this was worth a try, but until I find a reason for the extremely low upload speed, my recommendation is forget it, at least if you are living in Panama.

UPDATE: I have been testing my Cable Onda Speed and it is far below what it should be. That being the case, until I resolve that issue, I need to hold off on the IDrive evaluation. I should have 5Mb’s down and 1 Mb/s up.

UPDATE:The down load speed is close to normal now. The upload speed is better, but not satisfactory.

My 5:45 PM speed test. Cable Onda is definitely causing me problems.

7 thoughts on “iDrive First Impressions.

  1. That reminds me to cancel my iDrive account today. I signed up for their special deal several months ago and have had the same difficulty with such slow upload speeds (both in Panama and the USA) that it makes it impossible to use. I have tried several times to do an upload over night (8+ hours) and it failed.

  2. Yes, I am getting bad upload transfer rates, which I believe is Cable Onda, however, with your experience I think this is a failed experience.

  3. My experience is different. I used Carbonite until they decided politics was more important to them. I tried a number of backup programs and settled on iDrive. I agree it takes forever to upload the initial files (so did Carbonite). So I would identify the most important directories, back them up, add more directories to the backups, etc. The uploads for my services are 1mbps in both Panama and the U.S. I have 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, and 2 PCs being backed up. One PC died and I used the iDrive backup to restore the files to the new PC. One thing I like about iDrive is that if you remove a file or directory from your backup regime, it is still in the iDrive cloud. With some of the other software, the files remove form backup will disappear from the cloud in 30 days or so. The backup software runs everyday in background with minimal impact on normal activities on the PCs.

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