3 thoughts on “Dangers of Texting

  1. Folks don’t talk to each other any more. Too easy to lie, cheat, or simply not really look at each other. I do not text. I will not text. I actually know how to spell as well.

  2. Even if you can’t spell correctly, don’t text even use the e-mail is dangerous why with the new telephone at least here in the USA, we don’t called neighbors any more they spy on you normal live with their phone. I strongly advice not to use text, e-mail be reasonable, and request you start your conversation to anyone not to record the conversation, several times, people here in USA are horrible now days and take advantage of anyone who they call a friend until you find out, they are using your generosity even potentially good positive conversation. Christmas or any card if mail choose simple best regards, so and so. Sorry, but is the reality here, act as business and call only if necessary.

  3. I dont have these issues, usually get asked to leave or just plain kicked out of bars and the girls I know would beat up anyone paying more attention to me than appropriate, like my body gaurd. As far as phone use here in panama i buy a $50 phone and use it as a clock. But I laughed at the post.

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