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You can test my patience all you want, but I’m never going to pass.

Yamahas For Sale

TW200 Yamaha for sale. 12k miles. 3,000 dollars. Located in Volcan. Saddle bags and extras.
Contact Robert Rarliff — ROBERT.RATLIFF @ GMAIL.COM Remove spaces.

2007 Yamaha Grizzly 4×4 450cc for sale… 2550 miles , like new, trailer hitch, snorkel…Contact Guy 6887-6028

Him: I love you.

Her: Is that you or the beer talking?

Him: That’s me…talking to the beer.

Buying and Selling in David, Chiriquí

I received the following for posting. As luck would have it, I also have a request from a person looking for an operational Stereo turntable. If you have a turntable you want to get rid of, drop me a note or post it on the following Facebook page.

Hello Don, I have been reading your Chiriquí Chatter blog for several years & enjoy it.
I have just started a Facebook group called “Buy Sell David Chiriquí” for people to sell their personal items or post requests for items they are searching for. It is completely free to use, I was surprised to learn there was not a group for people to buy/sell items in David area. I am trying to get the word out & was wondering if you could publicize it for me somehow on your blog. Below is the link as well as the description of the group. Use it as you see fit. Thanks in advance. Steve


Buy Sell David/Chiriquí Facebook group is meant for individuals in this area to sell their items or search for items they want. It is NOT designed for commercial advertising of any kind. Any items you have to sell or are searching for are permitted here including personal, household, appliances, furniture, equipment, vehicles for sale by OWNER, real estate for sale by OWNER etc. NO ANIMALS FOR SALE. I will IMMEDIATELY delete any spam or commercial posts and/or ban those responsible. Please be polite & respectful of others. DO NOT POST ANYTHING HERE OTHER THAN AS DESCRIBED ABOVE INCLUDING POLITICS, RELIGION ETC. Thanks & enjoy!

Notes From Warden’s Meeting on the 20th

I am still in Panama City, but thought I would post this while it is fresh on my mind.

Lilliam and I attended a Warden Meeting at the U.S. Embassy in Panama City on the 20th. This is the second time I have attended a Warden meeting in PC and while it is not an expense free trip, I feel the expense is worth it to be able to meet and talk to the other wardens.

The Embassy gave me more recognition for my support of U.S. Citizens in Chiriquí than I feel worthy of, and I neglected to tell the group that I could not do what I have done without the help I receive from Lilliam. I will tell everyone now. She enjoys helping people and having a David local to intercede when my Spanish breaks down is invaluable.

Not all areas in Panama were represented, but there were 22 wardens in attendance.

Lauren B Armenise (ACS Chief) moderated the meeting. There were presentations from the Regional Security Office (RSO), the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Office (INL), a tour of the Embassy, A Federal Benefits Unit & Non-Immigrant Visa presentation, a American Citizen Services presentation, and got to meet the new Consul General (Alice Seddon).

Much of the information was the same as last year, but there was new information as well. Proof of Life (POL) was covered and HERE is my post on that topic from last year. We were told that they expected fewer problems because of POL and all were thanked for getting the word out. Continue reading Notes From Warden’s Meeting on the 20th

I’d try to look on the bright side more often but it hurts my eyes.