New Pakya Miami Address

I went by Multiservicios Internacionales De Chiriquí this morning to get my mail delivery from Florida. I was surprised to find that my Florida address would be changing on February 15.

I moved to Multiservicios due to poor service by my prior Florida mail forwarding company and the move required changing a large number of addresses with companies in the U.S..

My service with Multiservicios Internacionales De Chiriquí/Pakya has been satisfactory. I really don’t care for any mail forwarding companies, but they are a necessary evil if you are a U.S. citizen living in Panama and want U.S. credit cards sent to you. Many U.S. credit card companied won’t issue cards to a foreign address and it would most likely get lost in the Panama Post Office anyway.

I asked if the address could be changed prior to February 15th and was told “no”. What a bummer!

Luckily, I now have my address for the IRS and for U.S. Social Security listed at the David post office to satisfy the POL requirement by the Social Security.

Still I will have many addresses that must be changed. This is just another of the types of annoyances that come with the good weather that keeps me here. Oh, well. Nothing is perfect, some things less so than others.


6 thoughts on “New Pakya Miami Address

  1. Don,

    Best bet: just move to Vero and get a real FL address. I know dang well I’m gonna sleep better at night being back in Ole Dixie where the order of the day is…. order!!

    Saludos a todas!!

  2. I have been forced to get a Florida address.

    I can’t get a credit card down here anymore without someone opening the mail envelope and copying the credit card number and information. I had to order three credit cards before I got one… and then, whoever intercepted it, was trying to access my online credit card account to defraud me.

    Pretty aggravating.

    I have complained but never received any response.

    Now, I will have to fly back to the U.S. to pick up any new cards in the future. The juegos vivos games are getting pretty old here, living in Panama. It is too bad that Panama will never be anything but a third world country with the values, several of its people, exhibit.

  3. Frank,

    I’ll see you in Dixie!!
    You’re lucky that’s all you lost; In speaking with locals here of late I am in absolute shock at the felony crime going on all around me:

    A. One recent.. a personal friend of mine, still recovering from armed home invasion. 10 days ago
    B. Gang style murder a mile down the road (dope). Last Wednesday.
    C. Old gentleman pistol whipped severely during hostal robbery right up the road. I believe a few weeks ago.

    All this in just the past few weeks!!! Yes I am serious. Yes I am gone.

    I am sure if I hung around in front of the mini-super more often.. (I don’t!–ever! Today was an exception due to being on foot..) I’d be in total shock here, V0lcan area.

    Thank God for plane tickets. Things sure ain’t near what they used to be.

    To You Folks showing up who are perhaps all googly-eyed or currently in country living a dilusional li(f)e:

    Do yourselves a favor and wake up on your own IE: without sudden persuasion.

    Sorry, but weather ain’t near everything.


  4. Kevin, I am sorry that things didn’t turn out how you would like in Panama or Costa Rica. Neither Panama or Costa Rica are right for everyone. However, if people have moved here with the right expectations, they may find that Panama works for them.

    I certainly agree that no one should move their worldly good here before living here a minimum of 6 months. 10 would be better. Live here in the rainy season and in the dry season. Pay bills like a local. Check out healthcare. Decide what your needs are.

    Nothing is perfect. Somethings less so than others.

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