Happy Thanksgiving to all Chiriquí Chatter Followers

Today is Lilliam’s day for the maid to come, so that prevents any outing for a Thanksgiving feast. For just us few it is not worth the hassle to buy turkey and make the fixings so it will be Panamanian tipica for lunch.

I do plan on watching football today. There are just some things you can’t give up. Go Cowboys!

I hope all of my family in the U.S. are enjoying this holiday and want you to know that you are all on my mind today.

I have said it before that I no longer need a day to give thanks. I am thankful everyday when I get up healthy and can take Koki out to pee. In fact I am happy that I am to be able to pee easily also.

When you see others at my age struggling to just get by or unable to get out of bed, it helps you to focus on what the important things are in life.

Health ranks much higher than money. I have had more, but I have not been happier than I am now.

I find it funny that they even celebrate Black Friday in Panama. Malls will be busy from now until the end of the year. Black Friday is much less in the U.S. than it used to be. The internet has changed all of that.

Looking at the news of the weather in the NE of the U.S. is another reason for me to be thankful. I may even take a dip in the pool as another reminder of how lucky I am.

Lilliam and I wish all Chiriquí Chatter followers a wonderful day.

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