Monthly Archives: October 2014

I always win. Except when I lose, but then I just don’t count it.

He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever. (Chinese proverb)

A computer can never approach being human until it learns to blame its mistakes on another computer.

My life has become so boring, even the voices in my head are now looking for someone else to talk to.

Dance as if no one’s watching, love as if it’s never going to hurt. (Stuart Appleby)

Yesterday Outing

Yesterday’s outing took us to The Domain shopping area in Austin. I guess you would call it an open mall. All stores are entered from the street. Plenty of high end stores, but no covered in the event of inclement weather. It is a very high end shopping area, with upscaled shops and plenty of restaurants.

The reason for choosing The Domain was because it contained the Apple Store that was going to receive the Apple iPad Air 2 I had ordered. When I ordered it, the delivery date indicated that it might be delivered on the 31st, which was the day before our departure for Panama. Therefore, I put the delivery in my daughter’s name in case something happened and the delivery was delayed.

Last week I received an email updating the delivery to the 24th. Going on the 23rd was a day early, but I wanted to know where the store was and knew Lilliam would find a few stores to entertain her. The parking garage was close to the Apple Store (what luck), and Apple was our first stop (surprise).

Like all Apple stores I have been to, it was well laid out, was packed with people, and had an attendant at the door to assist you. He checked my order and it had not been checked into inventory. He assured me that if the delivery time said the 24th, then it should be here no later then the 24th. No problem. I would come back tomorrow. Continue reading Yesterday Outing