IOS 8 Up and Running

I download and installed IOS 8 on Lilliam’s iPhone and it worked fine. I saw no dramatic performance reduction. After playing with it for about an hour, I downloaded it and installed it on my iPhone as well.

If you have any eligible iPhone, it think you will like the new system. There are a lot of new goodies that make the install worthwhile.

My hunch is that it will be fine on iPad 2 if your main use is surfing the web, reading books and responding to emails. I want to get a newer iPad when I go to the U.S.

They are scheduled to release a larger sized iPad in October. If it is on the shelves, I will check it out and make my decision which to buy.

I also upgraded my Apple TV’s OS. Its new look is more compatible with IOS 8. They also added Beats Music, but I am happy with Apple Radio. Yesterday was a good technology day.

UPDATE: I was using my MacBook Air, which is running the beta Yosemite OS. A call came into my iPhone, running IOS 8, and the call showed up on my MacBook Air.  I could have answered it on my laptop. This is one of the new features which is available if you are running IOS 8 and Yosemite, That is going to be a great feature!

9 thoughts on “IOS 8 Up and Running

  1. I have upgraded all but my ipad2 and will do that soon. I see no issues as yet. I do like the new feature for texting….words that show up that you can choose…how long I have waited for this feature!
    Any thoughts on the Cloud Drive and the Cloud Keychain? I get concerned about loss of privacy.

  2. Cloud drive works in conjunction with the new Desktop OS Yosemite, which will be released in October. Wait until yu have it on your desptop before activating Cloud drive.

    Will be interested in the iPad 2 experience.

  3. I updated my iPad 3 last night (it took hours; I simply started the update before going to bed and left it connected to the charger). This morning, I updated 17 apps for the new OS. A couple the apps (fb, Twitter) are kind of balky at beginning (i.e., they won’t open) but if you fiddle around with them and/or restart the iPad, they’ll finally wake up. Also, I note that a fair number of my app icons aren’t tailored to the new OS; there’s simply a grid-like symbol instead. Fortunately, the names are still there, so it’s a minor inconvenience….

  4. Both of my iPhones took less than 2 hours.I did notice that some apps were slower to start the first time, but afterwards they opened at normal speed.

  5. I don’t know if he upgrade to IOS 6 has anything to do with it, but yesterday I reloaded my Iphone 4s with $10 Claro, and NO DATA ROAMING, and in two hours my $10 had disappeared? Any idea anyone??

  6. Just saw note on ZDNet warning iPhone users not to download the OS8.0.1 upgrade; apparently, it’s knocked out cell service to a lot of customers…

  7. Yes, I saw the same thing. I had it downloaded, but will hold off this the problems are solved.

    I have a hunch my phone would be OK since it is a 4S and it looks like it is hitting touch ID phones.

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