Major Downtime

The last couple of days have been frustrating for the Chiriquí Chatter Website.

The site has been up and down several times and I do not know what the problem has been.

However, it does show that I have mellowed over the last 11 1/2 years in Panama. When I first started blogging in 2003, if the site did not function, I stressed out. Now, I just say “if it is up it is up and if it isn’t then it isn’t.” Kinda like other things at my age.

I would feel better, if I understood the problem, but I am not going to lose any sleep not knowing.

For the loyal followers, if you want to know the current status of CC, you can view the Chiriquí Chatter Status Site.

3 thoughts on “Major Downtime

  1. The problem with the water downtime is due to the many foreign companies and private investor that have come to Panama and literally bought rivers, islands lakes and even part of the ocean site. They keep it has they own suppliers, leaving no room even for the nationals access to one use to be free to all. The beaches have areas in which the nationals can walk and have access this is also due to the foreign investor that once again have violated the freedom and access to the right owners the people of Panama.
    That’s why and I am sure the source is everyone knowledge, one of them is a very wealthy man, abusing the rights to everyone to have access to what once just to be a free country.

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