Out With the Old – In With The New

IMG_0241In the past, to park in David, you bought parking cards. They were 10 cents for thirty minutes. Now I see that parking meters are going in. I think they will require 25 cents per unit of time, but I do not know what the unit of time is yet.

Natalie tells me that the locals are not very happy with the new system. It will go into effect soon and meters are going up all over town.


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  1. It would be nice if they would paint lines in the street to establish spaces for the meters. Otherwise, you won’t know which meter to use.

  2. Parking meters are not new to David. Years ago they were all over the downtown area and seem to function very well. There were parking maids and everybody knew where to park (no lines were needed). I believe they charged 5 cents for half hour and a dime for a whole hour. Taking in consideration that it has been more than 25 or 30 years since the last meter was removed, 25 cents for parking does not seem too much. I think this system is more user friendly than the current one, in particular for visitors not familiar with the card system, and will bring more order to the already chaotic parking situation in David. Towing has always been into effect, and I believe it should be enforced more often. A great number of drivers in David tend to think that traffic laws are not laws but suggestions. Back then, if you chose to ignore the parking tickets, the Municipio would collect all monies due plus penalties at the time of renewing your license plates every year. The fine for a parking violation used to be $10. I would suggest the authorities to also issue convenient renewable parking permits for residents. That would remove some of the hassle of having to carry change to pay for parking.

  3. I won’t pay for parking. It started in Oklahoma City a long time ago. Now it has arrived here in David. I would rather go somewhere where parking is free. I stay out of downtown.

  4. No, the people in David must be really angry, progress bring pain for the poor. I don’t remember ever having to pay for parking in David, that didn’t exist, no offense often I heard friends and relatives since, David has a plethora the new comers from USA, all in more expensive, food, services, etc. And in top of that the new comers complain that natives of David, are unfriendly and rude while it happens to be the other way around, well, i just hope you all can live in peace respect each other, after all is a beautiful land that welcomes people and only ask no to exploded its resources.

  5. I think is an offense to say what you did Ms.Kesterke, Panamanian make way, way less income per capita compare to the average retiree from USA in Panama, I believe that’s the reason why most of retiree move there, so make their money last longer, here in USA the same amount of money parking is $20 an hour or more.

  6. Cecilia, since I have been around David from 2002 until current, they had the parking cards, so they have had to pay to park for a long time. it is just now a different system.

  7. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Was just stating the truth. Actually Chiriqui is beautiful. I recently visited the Las Tablas area and can say without reservation the people were much more friendly.
    I came here 6 years ago and have seen the inflation which I agree hurts everyone. I really don’t see how the average Panamanian can afford to buy groceries.
    Again no offense was meant about the parking. Those who can afford vehicles can certainly afford parking.

  8. I had no idea that the subject of parking meters in David could be so controversial. The installations of parking meters in David is part of the “Plan of Ordenamiento de la Ciudad” being rolled out by the Municipio. This plan has being on the books for some time, but it has not being until now that is being implemented. The plan calls for the installation of parking meters and traffic lights among some other needed improvements. The parking meters will be installed and operated by Parking S.A., a private company that just recently obtained the concession. The parking meters already installed are in the testing stage, so the odd amount of $0.21 may not be the actual amount to be charged. The plan was to have all the meters up and running by Sept. 1, but some groups in David have asked the city to delayed the program so it can be studied more carefully. Parking S.A. plans to charge $.70 for one hour of parking in order to make a profit for them and the city. Personally, I think that is outrageous! But whether we like or not, parking meters are returning to David after a long absence. When I got my driver’s permit at age 14, (yes, there was a time when you could get a driver’s permit in Panama at that age), parking meters were all over downtown David. That was 37 years ago and some younger folks probably do not remember them and I have no idea why they were removed.

    I must say that even though Mr. Kesterke maybe did not mean to offed anyone, his remarks did not come across very well. A great numbers of Panamanians can indeed pay for parking, groceries, and much more. Chiricanos are not less friendlier than Tablenos; we are just a little more proud and reserved, in particular when dealing with outsiders. Once we accept you as one of us, we are very warm and friendly. For him saying that he is only stating the truth, only indicates to us, the Panamanians that read this blog, that his assessment of our society is somehow shallow and full of holes. However, we understand.

  9. David H. on September 1, 2014 at 1:43 am said(in part):

    “But whether we like or not, parking meters are returning to David after a long absence.”

    Crítica saw it as a never-ending story back in 2001 when the city fathers were trying to wind down their arrangement with the concessionaire of the moment.

    “La concesión del servicio de estacionómetros en la ciudad de David, es un problema de nunca acabar.”


  10. The issue of parking meters again whom ever you are who make the comment about that “if you can buy a vehicle you can afford parking. You have the american mentality again, for anyone from Panama to buy a car maybe have to save all their live, almost to save to buy a house, please, get to know the culture, then speak,, even here in USA buying a car is an impossible for many, and even groceries, are big purchase, of course not for the rich who can do whatever they one any place the want.

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