5 thoughts on “iRobot Braava at PanaFoto

  1. I’ve wondered if these I robots work well. We have a large dog, so having one with the vacuum feature may work well on our tile floors. Don, curious how well the Braava works

  2. We have a small dog and she sheds. It picks up a lot of her hair. It has worked fine for us. I won’t say it is perfect, but I will say I got my money’s worth. Entertainment factor is worth something. 😀

    It is not a vacuum, but a robotic Swifter device and uses Swifter pads sold at PriceSmart.

  3. How’s the Braava/Dolly working for you now? Has she had any issues with operation or still running well? I went to look at the 880 or 770 Pet Hair vacvum model and Panafoto had no robot cleaners in stock, unfortunately. The store lady said they’d have more by Friday but haven’t been down to check it out. YouTube reviews and other reviews seem to indicate these models are pretty good at their job. Unfortunately the 880 is pretty darn expensive… Likely more expensive here in Panama.

  4. Braava (AKA Dolly) is still working fine.One of the best pieces of technology I have ever bought.I think if you have hard wood floors or tile floors they are much better then the other iRobot models with the vacuum and mopping functions.

    They are cheaper in the US. I bought mine there. We bought one for Lilliam’s daughter in PanaFoto.I think it is about $60 cheaper now in the US.

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