A postcard request

It has been a while since I received a request like this, but helping out a youngsters learning is at the top of my list. I thought a few other people might like to participate as well. Perhaps you need to learn where a post office is.

Our grandson started kindergarten this month and already they have a project.

They are collecting postcards from everywhere to practice reading skills, geography, etc.

If you have a chance, jot something about living in Panama and send it to

Mrs. Mehringer’s Kindergarten
c/o Benbrook Elementary
800 Mercedes
Benbrook TX 76126

Muy apreciada, gracias!

jim and nena

5 thoughts on “A postcard request

  1. Hi – this is a question for Jim & Nena: is this project going to run through the next few months? If so, we would be happy to send along cards during our vacation travels next month. Really like the concept of this project. Regards, DSD

  2. Hi DSD,
    Yes, the project is going to last the entire school year. Thank you for helping!

    jim and nena

  3. I love kids and used to teach in Texas. I tutor here in Panama. Maybe the kids here would like to correspond to another kindergarten class in Panama. I could see about it. I have friends in low places.

  4. I sent a postcard and an email to the school and some pictures of our area. Hope they decide to go with it.

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