Panama This and Thats

IMG_0240Lovely Heather is here for a few days continuing her research for her doctoral thesis. She was supposed to get here in at 4:35 PM yesterday, but her flight from Panama was canceled because of rain.

Air Panama provided her luxurious accommodations in front of the airport. They locked the airport at 10PM, but about 6 people stayed all night in 4 chairs that were in front of the airport entrance. Night security checked on them periodically and they did get a free cup of coffee this morning.  Actually, Air Panama provided nothing except for a Panama Experience.

I ALWAYS warn people to only take morning flights from Panama City to David during the rainy season, but Heather wanted to try to get here in one day. When you are as young as Heather you can handle this type of inconvenience. It has added to her Panama memories. She is now crashing on our sofa.

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I received a call from the US Embassy this morning to get a PAW for another US Citizen that was in the emergency room at the Regional hospital. The new parking lot was full and I had to park on the side of the entrance and walk. Don’t forget to register with STEP and the Embassy will have the information and authorization to call someone in time of emergencies.

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A plumbing problem needs to be fixed in the kitchen. You would not believe the way the kitchen drain was plumbed. I am going to have to get it done right because I am tire of leaks returning.

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Our 2012 Samsung refrigerator has started to fail. Great timing with a guest here for the next several days.

When I called for service, I was told I needed to email them a copy of the purchase receipt to get it serviced under warranty. Of course the receipt is in hiding, and no where to be found.

I took another approach and went to AudioFoto and asked if they could print off a replacement receipt. A lovely young lady said it would be no problem and fetched it up on the computer and printed for me. Two thumbs up for AudioFoto today!!!

Just another day in paradise.

4 thoughts on “Panama This and Thats

  1. Hi Don, first off, have fun with your house guest. I love having company come to visit and we get to show them our new country.

    Second, as a new home owner, we are doing our whole house over. Kitchen, baths, pool…so in saying that, we are buying all new appliances. We have had our LG fridge for 10-11 years, the time we have been here. It works great and we have been discussing on whether to purchase a new one cause this one still works great, no problems at all. We did buy a new one, the LG old one will go out in the pool area for parties, but I am telling you this, cause I am a firm believer that all the appliances bought here are cast offs from the states. Have you noticed that they all have problems? All except my fridge that is. Every other appliance or electronic I have purchased here has had problems. Is it me or does anyone else have these problems also?

    Third, I am glad Audio Foto was accomodating for you.

    Loving life in Panama

  2. Many appliances have problems her because of unstable voltage. It is very important to have all expensive appliances on voltage protectors. My current problem is not do to voltage.

    Another thing I will mention is that all brands are not serviced the same in Panama. Samsung and LG tend to be some of the best. I have had problems getting US brands serviced such as Amana,

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