4 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know

  1. When I lose something I didn’t know I have er got, I don’t mind losing it cause I missed it when it arrived. Signed: Fuzzy Logic

  2. Hi Mister Don Ray, good afternoon I’ve read your post about Paso Canoas, and came here to see if you could please help me finding out some doubts about duty free shopping in Panama.
    I’ve been to Paso Canoas a few weeks ago and make some shopping, some offers are really good, others not so much… I haven’t been to wong chang, but to others like City Mall, my mom and some friends are coming here next months, and were keen to go to Colon City.
    Have you been there, could you please let me know if it seem more attractive to retail shopping than Paso Canoas?
    Thank you very much, Juliano

  3. As far as I know, the duty free in Colon is not open to the public. Colon is also not a safe place to be walking around either.

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