How to Pay Bills After a Stroke in Panama

I received the following email and it is worth posting as it is relevant to the current situation I am dealing with. It also reveals another type of problem that should be planned for if you are living in a foreign country without a family support system.

I am dealing with the problem he is talking about and I must say, I have not solved the problem. Maybe tomorrow. Obviously it is better to have provided a solution before the problem than having to deal with the problem after it has occurred.

The email follows:

How to pay bills after a stroke
Sun, 27 Jul 2014 10:01:18 -0500
From: (Email deleted)
To: donraycc@

Hi Don

I love reading and following ,and enjoying your posts and articles. Thanks for sharing.

Two weeks ago I was mowed down by a speeding car on the cinta costera that lost control, ran off the road, and scored a direct hit on me.

God was instantly on the job, and I did not get killed, just several cracked ribs, lots of lumps, bruises and abrasions. Sadly, 2 weeks later I am in a ton of pain and have some serious complications, but the mind is as sound ( some would argue otherwise ) as it was before, and I am able to move around the apartment albeit slowly.

But this close shave did again raise the recurring thoughts I often have, as a single person here in Panama, with no family, what happens, God forbid, if I become incapacitated. How would accounts such as hospital etc etc get paid.

I have provided two credit cards to trusted and dear friends that are linked to bank accounts they have signing authority over, but that has only certain limits.

Have you or your readers discovered how to deal with banks or any person here on behalf of someone who is incapacitated and can not sign anything or even get around?

thanks Don, love washing dishes too , and the Toyota SUV, came in second best with a very large dent in its hood


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  1. My name is Jose Manuel Macias, I’m an American Citizen, leaving in Costa Rica, and this is not the first time I Writhe about how to work on this problem we all have living in another country, if we make a formal Community self insurance like, we can all pay like a $100 payment in it monthly and be able to be covered for any emergency after been part of this insurance for a year we can have a small office and volunteers can donate their time to keep this going on a yearly based, then we all can be relaxed in case of a Emergency and be able to enjoy life more like we all should, I hope this can be of interest to the community I will be arriving to live in David, Boquete by the end of this year and hope we can count whit this help we all may need, Love and Blessing to you all Joe. Cuban Joe.
    PD I’m asking Don Rey and Don Lee to post this massage on they web site and see if it is well taking by our community in Chiriquí, Thanks.

  2. Dear Jose Manuel Macias,

    My name is Cliff, owner of Panama Relocation Services. If you need help with moving your household goods feel free to get in contact with me.

    I have all the contacts on both sides of the border to make your move as smooth as possible.

    Cliff Strait
    00-507-6250-9650 and 00-507-6415-7959
    Majicjack: 602-539-5436
    Skype: Cliff_32cr

    If you use Whatsapp I am on that as well.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Cliff Strait

  3. Thanks so much for your offer Mr., Strait, I will be moving my family and I whit vary little things I’m only be carrying some of our cloth and be buying everything new in Panama. thanks so much I will let some of my friend’s knows about your service. God Bless. Joe

  4. Joe,

    Thank you. You have my contact information, I hope you will contact me after you get moved to Panama.


  5. Jim and I, aware of my strokes and declining health, left our bank accounts in the USA. We both have cards to the accounts. We have an American Will and Advanced Directives on File in Clark County, Nevada, with Powers of Attorneys to residents living there. We have a Panamanian Will and executed Panamanian Powers of Attorney here. We have them in Spanish and in English (translated by a professional translator), and the Panamanian Documents in the doctors’ files.

    We have all our documents scanned and stored to an off-location on-line locale.

    We are hopefully about to embark on the cost-effective creation of a mini casita on the same property we are renting, which is being designed for total incapacitation. We will have room for a live-in caretaker. Biggest concern will be finding the right person, who will have free rent, SS paid, and a monthly salary. No way to avoid risk there. Counting on the Great What Is to cover that trust issue.

    I tell everybody about my condition as I stroke in public, too, and cannot go to the hospitals because my condition is one where stroke is the symptom and not the cause (CADASIL), so anybody who took me to a hospital here would aid in my destruction because blood thinners are not for me. I have a tattoo (needs re-doing) with name, medical condition and spoise phone number, and medical ID bracelets in Spanish and English, although I have seen no propensity here for doctors to even look for them on my body.

    Yes, plan. When people tell you you’re negative, tell them to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

    Juli Alexander

  6. Power of Attorney here, even notarized is not accepted by the hospitals. I know this as I went through the exercise of going to the three major private hospitals in Panama city, and explained to them that this friend has my PoA in case I am incapacitated. I was told by each hospital the same ridiculous and non-sensical answer after their legal department reviewed the PoA, that they can not accept it because they can never know if it has not been revoked before I am admitted to the hospital. I argued, I have this friend’s card on me to contact in case of emergency, she has a credit card to pay the hospital, they said “no” they can’t know if I haven’t revoked it.
    So, please don’t believe your PoA is valid, unless you have it in writing from the hospital. DO NOT accept the word of some clerical staffer, who doesn’t care, and just slips it into a file somewhere.
    I hope someone out there has the right answer………………..

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